Top 10 Most Interesting Poker Tweeters

Self-confessed twitter geek Barry Carter picks out his top ten most interesting tweeters from the world of poker that he believes everyone with an interest in the game should be following.

Last week, we featured my exclusive interview with poker power tweeter Kevin Mathers, during which I admitted that I am a big twitter enthusiast myself. There are hundreds of interesting people in poker who are regular twitter users, but I have picked out the ten accounts I think poker players will find most interesting.

Some are big names, others you may never have heard of until now. These are in no particular order; they are all interesting in their own unique way.

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You should follow: @WSOP
The official source for everything related to the World Series of Poker and understandably an account you simply must follow during the series itself. Not only that, the people behind the account are very good listeners and respond promptly to tweets, as well as occasionally breaking their exclusive news to the twitterverse first.
You should follow: @Phil_Hellmuth
He may be one of the most famous names in the game, he may have more bracelets than anyone, but there is only one reason to follow Phil Hellmuth - shameless name dropping. Not a day goes by without the Poker Brat telling us who he is partying with from the world of showbiz, and it is compulsive reading.
You should follow: @PokerFuse
We featured the guys at PokerFuse last year on as a great resource for people looking for online poker industry news, and now their twitter account is starting to gather momentum. A great account for people wanting to learn more about the online industry, and in particular the latest poker software news.
You should follow: @betfairpoker
The only poker room to make it into list, Betfair Poker get there for good reason: by completely rewriting the rule book of what a company should do on twitter. Rather than tweeting about poker, or promoting their latest deals, the Betfair Poker twitter accounts is actually a surreal series of random musings and comments... we've no idea how it helps their poker efforts, but over 16,000 followers seem to love it.
You should follow: @RealKidPoker
Not only is he one of the most popular figures in the game with over 150,000 followers, Daniel Negreanu also uses his twitter account to share his strong views, which are usually very headline-worthy. It is also the first place to find out when he has released his weekly rant Vlogs.
You should follow: @SavagePoker
WPT Executive Tour Director Matt Savage was named as one of poker's most influential people in the Bluff Power 20 this year, which makes it all the more special that he is a strong presence on twitter. In particular, he is a great follow because he regularly answers questions on hand rulings.
You should follow: @Navarrotells
This could prove one of the surprise additions for many of you, but here is an example of a tweeter who has carved out a great niche in the twitterverse. Joe Navarro is a former FBI agent who has released a number of best-selling body language books, several of which are aimed at poker players.

His tweets are often very insightful in the realms of body language and psychology, and a must for any poker player with an interest in those areas.
You should follow: @BillRini
Industry inside Bill Rini has one of the most popular blogs in poker, with thousands of subscribers and fans regularly coming back for his universally respected insight into the industry. He has now also taken to the microblogging platform of twitter to share his views, and is another great resource for anyone interested in the learning more about the other side of poker industry.
You should follow: @TexDolly
One of the fascinating things about Doyle Brunson's twitter account is that almost everyone has agreed that it is genuinely him at the end of it. A lot of famous people have assistants tweet on their behalf, but it seems that the 78-year-old Brunson really is a fan, and is one of the more prolific poker players on twitter.
You should follow: @KevMath
We interviewed him because he is such a prolific figure on twitter, Kevin Mathers really is a 'power tweeter' meaning that he is tweeting anything, and everything, about poker and reaching a huge audience. If you want to keep up with what is going on in poker, this is the guy to follow.

by Barry Carter

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  • hoangngoctu


    Best poker twitter is!/FakeGusHansen
  • OwenRua


    It's interesting that you have Hellmuth on the list. I eventually opted to unfollow him during a recent 'trimming of the fat'. I have absolutely no personal ill will towards him, I even quite like him but he very rarely says anything of interest to me. If he doesn't engage with twitter either and follows only 13 people (classic Hellmuth narcissism). I'd largely agree with your others, and to be honest, you'd make my list too.
  • BarryCarter


    Thanks Owen, Hellmuth makes the list in a car crash kinda of way, I don't want to follow him, I just cant help myself.

    There is something so strangely enjoyable about seeing him have his photo taken with some rapper who has no clue who he is, and tutting, and saying to myself "that Phil, he has no clue".