Watch Liv Boeree's TED talk

Learn about how to use probabilities in real life with the Team PokerStars Pro at her prestigious talk for TED.

The multi talented and arguably hardest working sponsored professional in poker Liv Boeree has yet another feather to her bow, this time in the form of a TED talk. 

You can now watch the video of her talk from TEDx Manchester from earlier this year where she talks about using probabilities in every day life as well as dealing with uncertainty better. 

If you enjoyed this video Liv also has done a series of similar videos for Big Think, an Oxford University address and a science web series

What did you think of the talk? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (6)

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  • Arnalsan


    Always I feel the same when I lose with AA Liv
  • Arnalsan


    I'm gambling now w/o noticed that I'm glambling waiting my cards hit board when 70% will fail
  • TurokRider


    She is way too pretty to be that smart. It's so unfair :)
  • xxnub


    When I was at my best I was happy when I lost if I put my money in the middle when I was ahead.
  • VorpalF2F


    I am extremely likely (80-90%) to watch more videos by her
  • Paracelzus


    Was watching her, not video :)