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What is PokerRanger?

PokerRanger is a powerful tool with which you can analyze and evaluate your hand strength in Hold'em. It combines the top features of the Equilab and other poker tools.

  • Learn about hand strength, equity, and equity evolution
  • Learn what a top pair, set, or straight is really worth in different scenarios
  • Automated calculation of expectated value and equity in different spots on each street
  • Comfortably import hand histories from Hold'em Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4
  • Clear and easy to use Equity Tables
  • EV/fold equity calculations
  • Board evaluations considering the card-removal effect
  • Train your equity evaluation skills with the included equity trainer

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Who should use PokerRanger?

The PokerRanger Equity TableStarting with a simple Equity Calculator, PokerRanger can be a learning tool for beginner poker players.

Its easy to use interface makes it a good learning tool for poker players who want to familiarise themselves with the concept of equity.

PokerRanger can also be tool for advanced poker players who would like to run more complex analyses such as "Board Hit Evaluations" or "Equity Evolution".

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Strengths of PokerRanger

PokerRanger EV/FE CalculationsGive two players a range of hands, specify the board, and find out the equity a hand range has against a villain (considering dead cards). The PokerRanger Equity Table is the heart of the software and from there, further evaluations can be made.

With the PokerRanger EV/fold equity calculations, you can analyse different lines such as bet/fold, bet/call, bet/raise etc. in a preflop and postflop situation. Just enter the ranges you'd like to analyse in these scenarios and find out how you could improve your line.

PokerRanger Equity EvolutionVia the "Board Hit Evaluation" feature, you can check your hand range against different boards. The "card removal effect" will consider dead cards in your analysis.

The "Equity Evolution"-calculations will help you to decide whether or not you should put more money into the pot on later streets. It checks two ranges against one another and tells you how your equity can evolve on later streets.

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Video: Introduction to PokerRanger

PokerRanger Introduction Video
PokerRanger Introduction Video


PokerRanger is a software designed for Windows and recommends at least 2 GB of Ram.

Helpful strategies

To get the most out of PokerRanger, you should make yourself familiar with the concepts of ranges and equity:

Having problems?

If you are having problems with PokerRanger, whether it be with the usage of the software or installation difficulties, or indeed if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of the software, please visit our official support thread in our forum:

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