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120 Black member met in Munich for the 9th Black Member Event. Highlights were the Grand Dinner, the Soccer Battle, the Heads-up between Nani74 and pro Leo Margets and of course the big closing party with over 500 poker strategists on the "Prater Island". The video is also available in low resolution:


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  • Yrsalag


  • krason


    Her Name is Leo Margets and not Marget as in the description. Sorry for Smartshitting ;)
  • tooodey


    Скучное и неинтересное видео
  • Xpload1989


    Nais! :D
  • CuCbKu


    а ты хотел увидеть взрывы и кровь? )))
  • barbeysize


    на самом деле, ощущение, что в подаче видео больше пафоса, чем в самом мероприятии :)
  • lakmi7


    но есть к чему стремиться....
  • gwr


    нет слов, одни слюни))
  • toLgatus


    music fits perfect! very nice vid, thanks!
  • NiekamNeidomu


    so no robbed assoulnt on bm party huh? o.o
  • daHonk0815


    Ich finde es absolut gelungen. Wie heißt das letzte Lied?
  • kolbaska3000


    что за музыка играет, когда начинается футбол?
  • Pokerstudent3


    nice vid^^
  • everestwest


    когда нибудь)
  • av3cbo0m


    wat isn da zwischen horror und dem anderen typen am laufen dran?
  • RounderKey


    davvero un bell'evento. mi piacerebbe partecipare.
  • cojonel


    sick party :>
  • lengxuechuan


  • roflnub


    shame over writing a name incorrectly


  • ET77


    Waow c'est pas Munich c'est Holywood ! Franchement ça a de la gueule, bravo. Nice job :)
  • Poefters


    Leo margets...nice
  • RGOD2


    Soundtrack from American Beauty , Coldplay,Vivaldi ? Bach ?Dropkick murphys ,

    Why not have Eight hundred and eighty eight ways to gain access to this event ? Keep them Similiar. As not to Over complicate the variation.