Black Member Event IX - The Soccer Battle

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120 Black member met in Munich for the 9th Black Member Event. Watch the soccer battle between BM teams, a team of PokerStrategy and


Black Member

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  • Play4forlife


  • Joshquan


    south africa 2010 eat your heart out!
  • dushili


    Трек из фильма "отступники" - nice.Напишите плз если кто знает название...
  • 19lukas84


    Dropkick Murphys - "Im Shipping Up To Boston"
  • dushili


    Вот пассиба те друг)
  • 19lukas84


    да не за что дружище)
  • lucifer2010


  • memphis21


    great video;also a great song,can someone tell me what's the name of this song?
  • lucace


    memphis21,il titolo della canzone è I'm Shipping Up To Boston di
    Dropkick Murphys
  • RGOD2


    Dropkick Murphy s ( soundtrack from Scorrcesses " Departed ")
    Hopefully there will be no legs lost at this event.
    What every poker player needs Excersise.
    And Sex ercise of Course
  • SmoKuMo


    я тожтак хочу отдыхать)