TwiceT's Leakfinder - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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In his Leakfinder SSNL series, TwiceT reviews and analyses member videos and gives suggestions on how to mix up their game. In this third episode, he reviews Caltabiano´s play on NL100 SH on Titan Poker. Hero´s play is already well developed and definitely a very good sample on how to play on NL100.


Session Review Titan Poker TwiceT's Leakfinder

Comments (21)

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  • Guru79


    in before...
  • SirLuk


    omg augenkrebs
  • Witz84


    SSS? Hab ich was verpasst, spielt man die jetzt mit 100bb? :)
  • Fongie


    n1 go calta
  • Zephyr999


    funny intro lol
  • IclickButtons


    38:00 tisch 1: KQ würd ich pre niemals folden. Das ist für mich immer ein call oder 4 bet/fold - card removal.
  • IclickButtons


    ansonsten echt nice video - nice read mit A7 =.Vorallem, dass du es schon vor der riverbet wusstest -.- amazing. Ich sollte mehr auf timing achten.
  • WildBeans


    nice vid
  • Fruechte


    Richtig gut, vielen Dank!
  • caltabiano


    Hey mom! I'm on the telly!! =D

    I think I just timed out on the straight hand =/ The tables were lagging a bit if I remember correctly.

    On the KQ hand: if we did have a T, should we consider playing it like we did? I mean, if it's a bad spot to c/r as a bluff, it should be a good spot to c/r for value, right?
  • caltabiano


    Oh yeah, that AJ: he had been 3betting quite a bit, so I figured calling and jamming flop should be good , to make him feel commited with whatever he has
  • eszibit


    Interesting video , I play NL100 on titan and i can say that i like his fold with AK vs 4 bet (it's ussualy KK or AA from the 4-better,he is a nit and I don't think he is thinking about hero's 3-betting range too much,plus his betting size is small from Sb if he had AQs or TT,JJ,QQ. )
    The KQo is a mistake in my opinion ,i would either 4bet light him with 2 blockers and fold to a push or the easiest would be just to fold.
    Anyway,nice vid ..and nice read by TwiceT on the A7hand
  • koeb25


    nice video, aber bitte das nächste mal ohne avatare
  • DerEismann


  • Becks777


    Nice vid again.
    The KQ hand. U said we don´t have 88 99 JJ. I agree. But sometimes vs. an aggressiv Reg i just call QQ+. How do u play Turn and River after he checks back the Flop? Bet small Turn and River vs. 7x or AK AQ. And if he raises we fold?
  • TwiceT


    couldnt answer earlier guys, cuz i was @ ept.
    could u pls post which min these hands happened, so i can find them easily. ty!
  • eszibit


    AK hand ,min 17-18 and KQ hand min 37.
  • TwiceT


    thnxalot eszibit

    min 17 AK: on higher limits, everything i say in the video is true and due to our aggro image + these positions (co open vs bu 3bet) => ship it. however, in this scenario on nl100 vs such a nit, i think the fold is the correct play. well done calta. what i said in the vid is probably wrong. good fold (bow)

    min 37 KQ: yea, everything i said in the video is correct in this hand :P big mistake imo, dont do that again! 4bet pre as standard, folding pre also ok. dont call. postflop, as discussed in the vid, bad.
  • TwiceT


    @ buttonClicker: ich call das oop in sb vs bb nicht, aber wenn du damit gute erfahrungen machst, do it. ich kanns gegen gute leute nicht +ev spielen. deshalb bluff 4bet or fold ich das pre

    @ becks: wenn du QQ+ wirlich manchmal pre callst, dann würd ich turn und river einfach b/f. du schaust ja immer nach Tx oder air aus, er wird da sd value nie in nen bluff turnen. JJ+ gibt er dir da nie. kannst easy b/f imo. betsizes sind bissl tricky imo dann um auf 2 streets max value zu bekommen. kommt dann auf gegner und image an. ich bet wohl 2 mal 3/5 als standard, aber is dann auch ne feeling entscheidung. vielleicht 1/2 am turn und 5/6 am river um 89 zu repn.
  • spl4t


    meine fresse die KQ vs A7 hand is echt impressive. v.a. dass du noch vorhersagst dass villain snappen wird :D
  • yomatiyo


    A7 nice read, adn the check/raise is just aufull.. no ofense but that is an aufull bluff.
    How they said, I also like 4bet/fold whit two blockers in that spot.
    GREAT series this.. I am a little bit late =P