Leakfinder - Part 4

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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In his Leakfinder SSNL series TwiceT reviews and analyses member videos and gives suggestions on how to mix up their game. In this 4th part, he reviews Becks' play on NL $100 SH on PokerStars. Hero's play is already well developed and definitely a very good example on how to play on NL $100.


Leakfinder PokerStars

Comments (14)

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  • Parabolod


    инетерсно =D
  • Becks777


    QQ hand was kinda f$%
  • Becks777


    QQ hand was kinda ugly. Remember i told u in our priv. coaching i folded QQ in a 3bet pot as overpair ;).
    The reason i 3bet was because he calls 45 % to 3bets but i guess i have to reduce the number since he is raising from MP and not from BU where he will call lighter IP. That was the mistake i made in the hand.
    Postflop i just saw JJ that was worse than my hand. Plus he will have strong draws when he c/shoves. It took a while but i folded :).

    Btw. variance is raping me atm so it maybe will take a while until our next coaching.
    For all u guys who are trying to move up to midstakes and are looking for a coach i can only recommend TwiceT. Great Coach and great Person.
  • mbml


    45 min hand Table 4, 3bet QQ: I think it's close and could go both ways. Though I think the AA/KK is way rarer than you think.

    Pot odds: 73/200 = 36.5%
    Equity of QQ vs JJ/TT/88/77/AsKs/AsQs/AsJs: 38.2%

    If I added one combo of QQ and one combo of AA (given how rarely he will flat KK/AA), the equity should drop a little and be almost neutral EV.

    I think he is definitely check/shoving with overs+FD despite him seeming a little passive.
  • mbml


    And i agree he probably check/calls 99 so we can eliminate that, maybe he might not call with AJs preflop but if that's the case he might not call 77/88 as well which would shift the decision towards calling.
  • mbml


    Oh realised I could add a single combo of AA by typing something like AcAh

    equity of QQ vs QQ/JJ/TT/AA(1combo)/AsKs/AsQs: 49%

    add 88 and we get 41%, add 77 too and we get 37%

    Still close, but I think this is the worst case scenario and calling is slightly +EV?
  • MITStudent


    TwiceT is in da house :D
  • luvmeluvme


    very nice video.
    when will the next german part of leak finder series will be published?

    (published? can you say it that way? :D )
  • TwiceT


    i think its super close, leaning towards a fold. i dont think 77 and 88 is in his range too often. also i doubt such a player calls KK and AA pre. so i think we are up against TT, JJ, (QQ) almost always. sometimes he also calls AQs, KQs, AKo pre, but since we have QQ, not many combos left.

    however, i think the mistakes starts pre and we cant make up with this mistake post.
  • fragmacc


    His range here is so polarized, I mean if he has TT he is not generating that much fold equity here with a shove, is he? If he has AA or KK its the same, he has a draw like 100% here or JJ/99 because he is fine of getting the pot right here and in the worst scenario has outs against QQ+.
  • AceOnRiver


    hm u kinda tell the autofold story in every video u make ^^
  • wHizard82


    #4 if u cross out the 2nd will, yeah.

    nice video again, nice explanations. but, i also like it when ur videos are longer than 1 hour because there is so much to learn for me.
  • Valhalli


    You said you would attack some boards with 33 (8:15). What better board can you expect than 442? Even after a donk bet, i mean, what does he represent?
  • JohnyC1337


    #13 332:-P