TwiceT goes to Italy - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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TwiceT visits Shujee in Padova during his first roadtrip of this summer. Together they sit down on NL50 SH tables and show your their approach on how to play on this limit.


FullTilt Live Video TwiceT goes to Italy

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  • CBFunk


  • suitedeule


    thought italians are only allowed to play @ ^^
  • raek123


    suitedeike ^^

    Like the concept and the roadtrip thing is nuts anyway.

    will there be some FR content? I mean, hard to tell, right, I know.
  • playslayer


    u got a cold in italy?
    your voice seems to be changed :D

    this video is really helpful
    for me psychologically.
    i can manage my badrun saying
    "TwiceT also can got losing session"

    thx for uploading and
    more NL10~50 SH video plz.

  • alecsCQ


    fratilor astia sunt beti crita, observati?
    Ba astia fac greseli ca unu de la
    NL 02, nu merita sa va uitati la chestia asta,mai bine un hasenbraten sau ceva unde invatati sa jucati +EV.
    CRed ca au avut cateva beri bune la bord inainte de a incepe videoul.

    Nice video TwiceT, good game!
  • Mararat


    забавно их фиши раздевают)
  • gadget51


    AA on a TT QQ board that's the only hand he could fold on the think not this level.
    I loved the thought processes. I just hink you're way ahead of this level and maybe need to ton eit down a notch? If I'm wrong say please, I need the input. TY.
  • TwiceT


    @ 1: no cold sir, check out page 51 ;) we had some party the day before, that should explain the difference in my voice :D
  • TwiceT


    @ 1: no cold sir, check out page 51 of my blog ;) we had some party the day before, that should explain the difference in my voice :D

    [dont ask me why, but i cant post the link to my blog here, my post then gets cut ... ]

    and yeah, running a bit cold is just part of the game. long run counts. it's all one long session anyway!

    @ 2: maybe we were ahead a bit in some spots, might be true. overall though, i think we played a pretty solid nl50sh style.
  • fun101rockets


    y did u 4bet so big (13.5)? i find 11-12 fine b/c people dont pay attention to bet size
    i agree with TT that many players (like shujee and me)3bet too much oop and we should 3bet more IP.
  • Hannen82


    great video - please more!
  • Jasch83


    What do you learned from that video? NEVER but NEVER let TwiceT play with your roll XD
  • Instinctively



    i lol'd ;D
  • vladd20


    bravo alex intai ii faci cu ou si otet in romana si apoi zici Nice video TwiceT , eu sunt de parere ca are un stil bun, Good video
  • professor286


  • kocke1


    Very nice and entertaining, + it reminded me to open up my 4betrange.
  • Ivikt


    No! Oh my fucken god! Maybe this video will never go be published.
    Вот они посмеялись :)
  • infiK


    Парни жгут
  • dan4ez


    nice video)
  • michiduta007


    Nu stiu ce sa zic,dar din cate am vazut eu,au cam pierdut.Deci de ce ne-ar folosi asa ceva?Si eu joc cam la fel,cu cateva exceptii,adica nu cred ca fac atatea greseli.Dar poate ca sunt subiectiv.Oricum sustin parerea lui alecsCQ.
  • pappenheimer


    nice vid. i like TwiceT a lot. his game and thoughts are awesome.
  • ElNunho


  • elfigus


  • Shujee


  • supeyrio


    can we do a video on msprofpoker? :D
  • dimonsafonov


    Они вообще в плюс играют?
  • dimonsafonov


    С KQ столько причин придумали чтобы кольнуть. Но там же первый мув от фиша. Ещё на префлопе надо класть его только на АА.
  • Gabinr1


    Very fun video to watch.
  • hansbans


    Did not realize that limpraise AA was that profitable.

    Loved the vid. Allways improve my way of thinking poker by learning from your reflections!
  • sFriends


    омг такой бред.... овербет ривер на воздухе....это нечто
  • w34z3l


    thx, this vid is sick
  • GiambaJe


    porca puttana sto timebank..ahah
  • Rothko


    TwiceT u r so fuc*in sick <3