HU PLOmahaha - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Heads-up
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After focusing on HU PLO lately, TwiceT is back for you with a brand new HU PLO series. In episode one he reviews an aggressive HU PLO 50 match between PokerStrategy members "Fearou" from France and "van0" from Russia. Part I outlines the importance of positional play, aggression and the necessity of credibly representing hands in HU PLO


FullTilt HU PLOmahaha series User Session Review

Comments (20)

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  • CBFunk


  • Instinctively


  • grasabarata


    traducir plz!
  • nomer8


    Nice game - omahaHA =)))
  • Justgame


    хотим перевод!
  • Kojika


    Very nice video, pretty interesting + a funny hand at the hand (I lol'd so hard when I read "noooooeeeeeess" !)
  • van0


    TYVM TwiceT!
    It was very helpful for me and I realised some of my serious leaks.

    For anyone watching: I asked my opponent to 3bet me wide, to get into 3bet pot situations more often, so it changed the match dynamic towards being more agressive.
  • van0


  • Fearou


    Thank you very much TwiceT, your analysis is very well-structured, interesting and simply put.

    I like that.
  • OnkelHotte


    Guys, nobody has some questions? I can hardly believe that:-)
  • megustatupar


    traduccion! este es mi juego favorito y me va muy bien pero de todas maneras necesito un poco mas de estrategias.
    sin dudas para mi esto es lo mejor
  • JDaniels


    Very nice Video, especially commenting on both players' game

    first Hand: the 4th diamond makes flushes less likely, not more likely

    (min24)The KA8Q on 9KT3 board: If you B/3Bet (big) the turn, isnt the pot too big to make a small riverbet without going allin?

    (min43)Do you fold the straight if Villain bets the flush rivercard considering how tight he plays?
  • TwiceT


    @ min 24: thats true. so i would just raise turn to ~ 38 and shove rest on the river. if we were deaper, i wouldnt shove river but bet 3/5 pot

    @ min 43: yes i would. cuz i dont expect villain to a set or 2pair into a bluff here on the river (which would be def. reasonable imo)
  • LiDmGe


    Слушал без звука, чтобы не засарять себе мозги непонятными слова. xD
  • frenacoxes


    sin traduccion , no vale para nada
  • Mallefitzo


    Ya me pongo a ello. No os preocupeis!

  • hazelasty


    plo in your mouth sounds like pillow :D.
  • pogodon


    thats an awful call villan makes on first hand right table
  • meedio


    Good video but sound sucks
  • Grezky99


    10min katottu