Move it, move it up to the sky - Part 2

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In the second part of their "move it move it up to the sky series", TwiceT observes and comments on Eminescu's play during a live session of NL 10 SH on roomPoker. The video particularly outlines the significance of value betting on micros and not bluffing too much. Watch out for some crazy calldowns by their opponents!


Live Video Move it move it up to the sky series

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  • CBFunk


  • AcesBreaker


    Thank you TwiceT,It is very good and inspire video. You talk about a very frecvently spots on NL10 and I think that NL25. I think that I have to made my range much more agresive. So hurrrrrrraaaay to crushing NL10 and :D
    Thanks again

    P.S : Maybe for next time try to use another recording software
  • MrGroggy


  • unisol1990


    Very entertaining choaching with very interesting content (even for me as a FL-player)
    Thank you!
  • svenanton92


    Thank you guys for this video. Nice loose play.

    I'm starting to play NL10 in a week and I was just thinking how to play in NL10. Now I know: no bluffs and moneky value bets :P Also I liked the way that hands were explained.
    Ty again

    Looking for a next video.
  • magkes


    For the next time I recommend Eminescu to use a regular microphone (headset). That would improve sound quality a lot!
  • Endurx


    dobry jest ten TwiceT dymali leszczy że aż miło było popatrzeć czasem trochę zbyt losse calle na pozycji aby callnąć ale ogólnie film świetny
  • Fenito


    cool video
  • pappenheimer


    can anybody post the link of the blog?
  • pappenheimer


  • Bedoze


    Pretty interesting spots indeed, this is a great vid!

    I like the many value bets and read of hand ranges that you made.

    Still eminescu was intimidated by being watched by twicet, cause he was always asking for his approval on the hands. =)
  • Bedoze


    Pretty interesting spots indeed, this is a great vid!

    I like the many value bets and read of hand ranges that you made.

    Still eminescu was intimidated by being watched by twicet, cause he was always asking for his approval on the hands. =)
  • RekopX


    nices video meine non showdown winnings haben sich von 45°nach unten auf +/- 0 gesteigert
  • czak


    Polecam w jego wykonaniu cała serie leakfinder i pewną ręke w tej seri :)
  • Eminescu500


    @ 3: you might be right. i was doing that just to make sure i do what it's right :D
  • playslayer


    impressive crazy calldowns, lol

    nice video

    much more videos plz :D
  • korczas


    filmik na prawde fajny, ale powiem szczerze, ze ten jego niemiecki akcent mnie wkrzual. Chwilami slyszalem tylko belkot i nic nie rozumialem, mimo to filmik polecam :)
  • ToTHarty


    28:00+ table4, this is just sick.. and that guy is winning player. cant believe it.
  • fusionpk


    sick videos, please keep them coming! Its great for us low limit players, who can't afford good coaches, to be able to watch videos like these. I think at this limit NL10, we can clearly see your edge, these videos have helped me so much in terms of estimating hand ranges. Thanks!
  • MJQuads


    I have a question regarding the size of your initial raise. I've noticed you always open with 3xBB raise. Is that how it should be? I mean I'm more inclined to raise there any significant difference, TwiceT? Does this also depends on the limits?
  • LucasMaj


    świetny filmik polecam :D
  • Eminescu500


    i think at micros @ the style i play on 3 betting and isolating so much and opening so many hands suites 3 BB opening since you make your bluffs/steals cheaper
  • MJQuads


    ok thanks for the info. but you do follow the rule 3bb raise + 1bb for each limper right?
  • pdfbq


  • MJQuads


    ok i've noticed you do follow that rule. another question, at 51:09 you folded 78s against a raise and cc. Is calling also an option? The only problem could be position I presume...
  • irobson


    faktycznie niezle :)
  • TwiceT


    calling is an option. but since we are not so experienced as nl25 players, i think folding is way better. playing oop vs 2 is rly tough here. hard to control the pot with 1 pair holdings and not easy to get value w/ 2pair+.

    but the more experienced u are, the more i would start calling sometimes here.
    standard is fold imo, just because of position. ip we obv call.
  • AssadKamran91


    the hand at 12min (top left w. 109s), what do you think his range are? something like 88,AhQh,AhJh,KhQh,KhJh,QhJh,AQo+,KQo? that range are we doing 46ish % against, so if it's an okey range why don't get it in? i'm obv still learning cash games and i suck at it, but is it reeally bad to get it in here?
  • AssadKamran91


  • TwiceT


    why do u think KQo and AQo would bet here on the flop? its 3way + we have so many c/shove hands in both our ranges (fds + ocs, pairs like 99-QQ)
    if u take out 88, KQ, AQ our equity is rly shitty and we stil have 90 bb effective stacks on the flop

    i think his betting range is either ocs+fd or strong overpairs. i dont think we get should stack here with our bare fd.

    pre its already marginal, but we get 3.5:1 and i think we have a huge skill advantage, so the call pre is fine.
  • AssadKamran91


    okey, i think he might bet them sometimes cause he's a fish and might try to steal the pot not realising that only better will call and that he still got some EQ. he was the fish at the table right?

    the thing is that i suck putting people on hands cause i'm used to play nobrainer push/fold poker, but is it not any chanse he might bluff here?

    Nice series btw!
  • Eminescu500


    Part 1:

    PS. I like that deep talk, but i'll let the master answer you :D
  • TwiceT


    i rly dont think he is bluffing here at all.
    after playing many cashgame hands u will get experience in these spots. but for now, u have to believe me here i guess.
  • MJQuads


    Another question. At 11:25 with T9s you say we have a 3.5:1, but we actually have to pay 0.7$ to win 3.15$, which is exactly 4.5:1 right? But yeah that would mean you need a 22% + equity.
  • 1Player2


    bad gaming...
  • SirNero


    #9 russioan obv .. agression wins
  • inczezoltan


    wow, nice play, I loved how you played NL10. Very good video.
  • Wacko118


    Dam, i wish when i play i find this many fish...
  • matiapag


    Like this video, fun to watch :) And the game looks so damn easy, when I see a guy calling ch/r with 9-high on the flop and then ch/r and call AI on the turn with a pair of nines :) It's a great stuff to put in the video and makes it really entertaining :P
  • K1llingKing


    nive Vid

    not to loose ?
  • donkeyshot


    nice solid aggro style! lots of interesting spots with good analyzing. looking forward to the next episodes. ty, gg sirs!
  • Zolt4n


    One of my all time favourite videos, thanks a bunch for this, TwiceT. :)
  • purple16


    Nice video. Thank you.