TwiceT goes to Italy - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Heads-up
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TwiceT visits Shujee in Padova during his first roadtrip of this summer. Together they sit down on NL50 HU. They play vs a solid regular and get into some interesting and tough heads up spots.


FullTilt Live Video TwiceT goes to Italy

Comments (33)

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  • CBFunk


  • markydave


  • kingofACES08



    lol HU vs frech-people sooo unfair

    anyway nice content
  • gizmop


    doesn't floating make much more sense than raising on the A25 flop at 5:30? Seems like we rep a wider value range by calling, as he probably doesn't except us to raise hands like AT on the flop. The range that we would raise for value on that kind of flop seems very narrow to me.
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    4 coulour deck ftw...
  • jjanna


    ех жалко 4то не на русском )
  • AcesBreaker


    nice vid again
  • DecMate


    Loved this video. Very nice :)
  • tramezp


    ужасная игра
  • fragmacc


    what is this? is this serious?
    some haha, yoyo, im in italy visiting my friend, haha, this is cool, wow he did this, wow etc.
    if you are producing something, produce it well, with explicit reasonings about this or that line or dont post anything at all. without, hmm, well, mm, our time bank is running out, mmm, i dont know, mm, this is close, mm.
    this is neither a review, neither your live play, just crap.
    you are one of the best minds in this project, why cant u continue producing 100% quality videos like you did those 2 @ nl200hu
  • Manu188


    mhm really bad call with the 44 vs this weak opponent...
  • TwiceT


    @ 4: heyho! thnx4 feedback. sry to hear u didnt like it.

    i dont rly agree tho. even after re-watching it now, i think its a very useful vid for nl50 hu players; ofc, i u play nl200 or so yourself, u cant expect to get a lot of new ideas from a nl50 vid. but i still think this vid should give nl50 players some new ideas for their game.

    @ explicit reasonings: 2 explanations why u might not consider them apropriate: 1) if i start diving into my thought process, many viewers would find it hard to follow + i think it wouldnt help them for their nl50hu game 2) its not sooo easy to get on the right thinking level of our opponent and at the same time comment with somebody else playing.

    my general approach is to mix in some entertainment and not be super serious in my vids. i think its just more fun to watch.
    but ofc, its good that u tell me your opinion, cuz i can adjust my style ofc.

    lol sry for the long answer. anyway, even if its negative, thnx 4 your opinion!
  • TwiceT


    @3: def true in general, but in that spot i thought he might be just a random player and we dont have to rep something vs him.
    sure our range is super narrow, but most low stakes players just dont do anything against it.
  • sedovrussia


    видео в топку! щас серебро насмотриться и давай заливать банкролы ))))
  • yeahyoung0312


    Great video!

    Could you elaborate on the stats that you used at the table?
  • MrPavlos


    "ouuu he had 84 wtf" gold commenting
  • rubenbakag


    you play bad man
  • empowering


    so fish
  • hawkish17


    Your limit is $ 2 fish
  • zehet


    How can u fould an as preflop ? (min 27)
    this is pretty weak isn't it ??
  • zehet


    u pushed AQs on his first 4 bet. u said maybe he is steaming or something. the guy was not steaming at all. so u should give him a hand, shouldnt u ? for me its an easy fold on his first 4 bet after 37 min...
  • JanMilo


    how can u call 3bet-shove with QJo on Q9x? u said he might be tilting but couple of hands before u said he's not tilting at all. its 3bet pot so the best case scenario is tie but aggainst rather passive opponent it's not likely. he probaly flats even KQ, only draw is JT. isn't that just a BAD call? i thing u should fold QJo preflop, i u didnt, flat flop, fold turn since he wasn't 2 barelling.
  • w34z3l



    I agree with #5. 4 colour deck ftw.
  • yomatiyo


    really good video. and I like the humor and coment of both.
    Anyway, I dont like the shove whit AQs in his first 4bet. I mean.. there is no reason to think that he could be tilting or bluffing.
    Just my opinion.. I dont like that hand.. its a little bit gessing
  • temsee


    bad bad bad baaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  • livelydolphin


    Oh come on guys this isn't so bad. We shouldnt judge sorely based on results alone. Looking at the AQs and QJo hands, hero's equity is still pretty decent when u take into account villan's hand ranges. ofc u could say that TwiceT overlooked the very tight aggressive factor of villian's 4 bet and all in but even if that's the case making mistakes is ok. Nobody is perfect after all, n I m glad that the coach here shows us an imperfect session. Keep up the good work TwiceT! =)
  • alenstrat


    Thanks for the video, don't understand all the negative feedback, it's definitely a useful video for people playing NL50 or less or getting started with HU.
  • Rothko


    lol @ people calling fish shujee which made from poker more profit that u will ever make probably.
  • Subaroonz


    i don't think your over bets on the turn are profitable just cause your never getting called by worst... draws are rarely calling you there which is bad because your 2 pair top pair hands aren't getting maximum wanna get looked up bye 2nd pair missed draw hands? the occasional suck out shouldn't matter?
  • Dodozz


    good job
  • schmouzzi


    trés interressante comme video !! merci TwiceT
  • KKKKypros


    Very interesting video. More videos pls.