Seven Card Stud - An introduction for beginners

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In his first video for RainmanTrail brings you an introduction to Seven Card Stud.


Beginner Seven Card Stud Theory Video

Comments (72)

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  • CBFunk


  • ILoveNele


  • Karlimancan


    nice vid...with a comfortable voice
    i think im gonna try stud ((-:
    greets from austria
  • marcel23


    nice stud , love it
  • wahnfried


    min. 20 i think double bet cant be on 3rd because noone can show a pair on board with 1 card showing

    - i would like to see some razz and stud/8 stuff please
  • Strangelet87


    ty. looking forward to the next one
  • wahnfried


    min. 35 i think "2-card combinations" make not as much lot of sense in stud as it has in omaha maybe
  • wahnfried


    but nice vid overall - so please go on and make more of them - 1 a week maybe?
  • Puscherbilbo


    welcome to the community
  • TeddyTheKiller


    Loved the Video, I might try some out later ;).
    Looking forward to some Strategy Vids by you.
  • carlosomse


    some of the horse events would be wounderful content ...
    looking fwoard to see more of your videos
  • Phonosapien


    I am so looking forward to this!
    Very good and interesting work so far.
  • spitfireee


    Very good video!!!! I whent more :-)
  • HorsterKurve


    i would like to see stud/8 stuff please
  • roswellx


    Welcome RainmanTrail! Looking forward for your videos.
  • HaensWoerst


    wow I gave it a try and even with that little basic knowledge u gave me in this vid i kind of destroyed my opponents on a microLimit Table ^^

    seems like stud is a very big fish pool exactly for the reasons u told.

    Im definetly gonna watch ur stuff!

  • hyroniemus


    I really enjoyed the video, looking forward the beginner strategy!
  • Aerox88


    are there many people on higher stakes, which has progs to save the shown cards?
  • ToothpickVic


    welcome rainman,
    i'd love to see some limit hold'em input for mid to high stakes, cause you'll probably contribute different perspectives/approaches to the game.
  • gadget51


    Welcome Rainman, nice introduction. :)
  • madnkl


    Awesome! You are my favourite video producer :) Hope you bring your next video really soon :)
  • vanao


    one of the best i've seen in a while. keep it up.
  • TheCoon


    Great video, got excited for stud :]
    Looking forward to your second video.
  • neoncut


    Give us more STUD !
  • DifferentPlaces


    Перевод будет?
  • OnkelHotte


    Great video. Can't wait for the next one :-)
  • OnkelHotte


    Welcome Travis! Great video!
  • fuerstIN


    welcome :)
    thanks for the good vid i like it and cant wait for the next episode :)
  • BorisL


    #2 будет, ориентировочно на следующей неделе
  • TangoArgentino


    nice guy, nice video
  • DieLegendeT


    very nice i play stud now because of you ;) TY
  • DifferentPlaces


    Отлично, ждем. :)
  • Scherben


    if you play mixed games you play fl omaha hi/lo too or not? can you make a vid in this?
  • taschendamenfalter


    nice intro, will have an eye on you
  • GetTheFunkOut


    Hi rainman, first of all welcome ^^ that was an extremely good video! youve got a cool, nice way of explaining stuff. can´t wait for some more in-depth strategy, hopefully you will produce like 7 videos a week ;-) greets, GetTheFunkOut
  • Zemnieks11


    looks intresting
  • Mart1


    Looking forward towards the next video :)
    Very nice explanation from your side and nice voice.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm looking forward to making some excellent videos for you in the near future.
  • Heffron89


    Really liked this video im going to play some stud now :D
  • spl4t


  • allbusiness


    i relly liked ur video, great and supaeasytofollow explanations, really, really fantastic work, keep it up!! and more videos if u please, thxs a lot, supanicejob.
  • Prophili


    well done, looking forward to more great videos :)
  • PokerMokerMo


    thumbs up for this video, good work!
  • kazediel


    If there are 8 players on the table, what happens if they all reach the 7th street?
  • luableu


    they use a community card on the center of the board
  • i5bet72o


    i am waiting for the strategy videos to come out before i try stud myself.
  • elfigus


    really nice video, keep on going mate!!
  • LGrant


    Thank you for this video, I really enjoyed it. Welcome to PS.
  • ursoline


    great video, very instructional
    I´m looking forward to see the next one
  • ursoline


    also a question, if you pair your door card and check, is the opponent also allowed to double bet?
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Rainman :)
    Your video is gaining popularity among Russian community. I enjoyed translating it myself and learned some new things in the process. And I knew nothing about 7-Games before. So I'm interested too. We're all looking forward for more videos.
  • Truthans


    Very cool vid. Makes me wanna learn stud. I am looking forward to more.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks guys. Strategy videos are soon to follow. First I will be making a Razz Intro and a Stud Hi-Lo Intro.
  • RainmanTrail


    Yes, the double bet is available to all players at the table. However, it is only available once. If you open with the double bet, any subsequent raises will be single bet raises.
  • RainmanTrail


    Wow, thank you for all the wonderful comments. I will definitely be making more videos in the future. I was waiting to hear the feedback from some of the members to know what to tackle next and how often. It sounds like you guys liked my approach to this video, so I will make two more for Razz and Stud Hi-Lo next. As soon as those are out, I will start on some strategy videos. As far as me making HORSE, LHE and Omaha videos, I am willing to make videos in all of those games, but I will check with management first as they may already have enough video contributors. The more requests I get for LHE and Omaha content, the more likely I will be to make those videos.
  • RainmanTrail


    Yes, there is a community card in the center. It's just like a shared river card in holdem.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks Kogtistiy, I will keep an eye on the Russian community. There is a large Russian player base in Razz, so hopefully I'll be able to connect with the Russian community with some Razz videos.
  • Maggy28


    I'm really looking forward to some advanced strategy content. Great start to attract new people to this great game. Well done!
  • Schelm


    GREAT!! once played stud without any knowledge and wondering why always someone else starts the betting round!
    i guess u already have an edge on the microstakes by only knowing the rules :D
  • alegun


    nice video, good job
  • Tentwo88


    nice video rainman, very interesting... i love stud and razz
  • Waiboy


    Oarsome vid... can't wait for the strategy vids so I can become a mixed game tragic :)
  • AssadKamran91


    nice vid man!
  • pparker


    Very well eplained. I guess I'll give Stud a try.
  • niknik88


    Really looking forward to more videos of all the mixed games.
  • jax3000


    Rainman, this make me go and play some 7card stud. Please do more vids.
  • wujekryba


    more pleace
  • Lausbub7


    min 27 fold 3rd should be way better and def. check 7th.
    nice vid though
  • opidlx


    "why play 7 card stud"
    - because its more fun the holdem
    i laughed pretty hard because it is so true. keep on going with the good work
  • authman


    Thank you and congrats for this series of "Other" games.
    I guess HORSE is going to be more played :)

    Looking forward the strategies for each game
  • RainmanTrail


    @68 - Folding this hand on 3rd street is fine. I mainly wanted to include it in the video for the double-bet 4th street educational aspect of the hand.
  • taavi1337


    Stud looks just awesome! Very nice teaser video, I'll definitely learn some more and give it a try.

    Hahaha I already love the double bet rule when you pair your door card. Seems like everyone always makes the double bet just because they can :))