Move it, move it up to the sky - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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In part three of their MoveItMoveItUpToTheSky project, TwiceT takes a seat at NL 25 SH tables on roomPoker. See his adjustments on this new limit, especially his induce lines vs some over aggressive regulars.


Live Video Move it move it up to the sky series

Comments (25)

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  • CBFunk


  • Eminescu500


    rofl @ jokes :D

    nice vid sir, really enjoyed watching it.
    got some nice ideas which i'll try to incorporate :)
  • AcesBreaker


    Very nice vid TT. How long was you play NL25 ? I show that you have played 4K hands.
  • fusionpk


    gahhh damnit, gone back to bronze, really wanted to watch this!
  • fusionpk


    managed to watch it, nice video sir, I think you played much better than at NL10 (I think you played well there obv, just felt like you owned it here though). I think I picked up a few pretty good tips/ideas here, thanks and I look forward to the next vid!
  • JohanLKK


    why isnt it bronze anymore
  • TwiceT


    stats of my play can be found here:
  • TwiceT


    stats of my play can be found here:
  • MJQuads


    Hey TwiceT, nice vid. But I would just have a bit offtopic question. How do you make those 0,85 raises? With your mouse wheel? If so, how, if it moves in big blinds...thanks for the answer!
  • Qwertz321


    would love to see a video TwiceT showing his chiptricks... he is definitely practicing a lot ;)
  • Fruechte


    Minute 53, 77 vs KK:
    Minor nitpick, he didn't limp UTG. He bought in with 10 Dollar and posted the BB, when he had to wait just one hand to post the BB in regulation.

    He then got dealt KK and decided to check it. Can you say fishy?

    Later, he limped QQ when 79 rivered the straight against him.

    Great video, more NL25 stuff is highly appreciated!
  • Ketanovvv


    русские опаснее.
  • Ketanovvv


    weak game
  • Eminescu500


    @ #6: he uses betpot script
  • MJQuads


    Is there any way I could get one?
  • playslayer


    very nice video like usual
  • bonehunter86


    Minute 35 -> You folded the Straight on Table 2?
  • yeahyoung0312


    Nice video.

    I wonder in higher limits do you limp more than you did in these NL25 and NL10 videos. Do you balance between limp/c, limp/f, and limp/3b? At least some situations favor a limp instead of a open raise, such as small pocket pairs + early position.
  • TwiceT


    @ 10: no, in nlhe i never limp first in. however, i do overlimp at times.

    @ 6: check our blog sir, i will upload my script and link u there ;)
  • markydave


    @5 no he didnt - he foldet a GS
  • matiapag


    nice vid again, great work TwiceT... Just let me ask you a question: about 48th minute, you hit your 9 on the river to make a six to ten straight, you bet on the button and got minraised... there were to fives on the board and possible flush as well and you just called the raise... however, the villain had just less than 10 BBs left, have you noticed that? The pot was (with your call) about 10$ big and he had like 2$ more... weren't you supposed just make the remaining 2$? I mean, if you have the worst hand, you can't win and 2$ more isn't really that much, and if you win, you can win a little bit more...
  • matiapag


    edit: you hit the 8 on the river and there were two fives, not "to" :)
  • m3ta


    He calls because he gets good _odds_. He does not think he is ahead of villians range, therefore it's a very bad idea to get extra money in with less than 50% EQ.
  • hurac


    just wondering.. can u post your HUD settings TwiceT?
  • 2VELAir6


    49:30 "I dont want to stack this poor guy" jaja He mostve thought u were afraid. Very nice video, I like your style.