HU PLOmahaha - Part 3

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Heads-up
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In episode three TwiceT continues reviewing the HU PLO 50 match between members "Fearou" from France and "van0" from Russia. In part III we see the match getting more aggressive while both players are 200-300 bb deep. Increased 3betting on both sides lead to very interesting 3bet pots.


FullTilt HU PLOmahaha series User Session Review

Comments (7)

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  • CBFunk


  • frenacoxes


    nice player

    thanks for this hu viedeos !!!
  • Genius91


    such a nice series .
    i like ur comments about the hands , even when ur wrong about guessing villains hands ^^
  • van0


    Regarding the last hand:
    In this hand, just like in the first one, Matthieu spent a lot of time thinking on the river.

    I didn't ever see him timing down with nuts, so this tell made me think it's a bluff.
    Also, Matthieu probably knows that smaller-sized bets from me are rarely nuts, which gives him a reason to check/raise bluff river.
  • Syrtis


    the thoughts of hero are pretty face up - he thinks that villain with his line getting to the river almost never has a good hand and if he bets lets villain think that he is on a thin valuebet and wants to induce a bluffraise and so bets and snaps it off

    understood? :D
  • DrPepper


    I kinda like the call with the set of fours at min. 11. We look so weak on the river, it's like an invitation for him to bluff. And why should he raise the non nut straight? We would usually only call a straight there which would be a split then. So he would be more likely to call a straight there because we are either bluffing or have a straight too.

    To the last hand: I totally agree with post #5 here. I would've tend to call the raise too. Especially because villain bluffed in a similar way before I would tend to believe that he does it again now. Just a matter of leveling of course.
  • jani123


    @ 50 min. TT99 middleset oop: How about a turn check-raise? If we 3bet preflop and cbet the flop, doesn´t the turn check from us look like dry AA or KK? This would be a good spot for villain to bet light in position. If the turn goes check-check, on blank rivers, villain might bluff-raise with some of his busted straight and/or flush draws and we get at least a call from two pairs. This also balances the times we cbet the flop with someting marginal. Any comments?