Move it, move it up to the sky - Part 4

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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In part four of their MoveItMoveItUpToTheSky project, TwiceT reviews Eminescu's play on NL25 SH on roomPoker and talks about assigning 3betting ranges properly when equilating hand ranges.


Live Video Move it move it up to the sky series

Comments (22)

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  • Genius91


  • MickJuggler


    das "m" in "mit" musste im englischen umdrehen, dann heißt es "wit" was dann richtig wäre :-)
  • umka77777


    you fish moron
  • tl2504


    thanks for teaching ;)
    and i think i take a huntermaster to my early peace or i will break together
  • veitileiN


    nice video series,
    i think twicet is one of the best coaches here on
    *thumbs up*
  • hansbans


    Well played. Sick JJ fold.. I see that I've got alot to learn :)

    Also, thanks for a great series.. it covered alot of my leaks.
  • Eminescu500


    i just noticed that the video it's out, really nice :)

    i think there were some pretty interesting hands and yeah about the AJ hand when i saw it in the video i couldn't believe that i did that shit (tiredness says it's word probably)
  • martineenz


  • DecMate


    Yet again, Very good video,lots of useful information about hands, lots i can implement into my game, and nice play to you eminescu!
    Make more okay? ;D
  • Dendra


    nice video, liked how lots of hands ran into spots like that paired queen on river or that QQ vs K high flop. some cool insights regarding opponent's range in such situations, especially that QQ hand :P
  • bonecore


    good teacher
  • matiapag


    really nice video, many things to learn again :) great job!
  • r4mses


    really good explanations! I like the series!
  • nausea


    in my opinion, it would be much more clearly arranged, if hero sits on the same seat on every table....especially in videos...
    just a proposal!
  • nausea


    but nice video, and TwiceT is really a brilliant coach...
  • Dodazzo


    Nice video as Always ;)
  • alenstrat


    TY very much. This series is great. I hope Emi moves up to NL50 for good soon like that we get the next video!

    "the other player doesn't have a sick coach like TwiceT". LOL. Epic.

    BTW I agree with 14, hero should be in the same seat always for clarity in the video .. and I actually thought having a preferred seat on all tables on plays was as basic as autorebuying .. hero wastes time and effort finding where he is in each table every hand.
  • jukitas


    when part 5?
  • vegas2


    +1 TwiceT you are far the best coach on ps.
  • Nyne1989


    Such a very nice video
  • Harnas31


    it is good that you talk so much TwiceT , don't be sorry
  • mallikarim


    Twice-T sick coach xD