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Razz is a lowball variant of Seven Card Stud. It is played without community cards by 2 to 9 players. Each of these receives two down and one open card to start, called hole cards and the doorcard, respectively. Over the course of the hand, players are dealt three further open cards and one more downcard. From these seven cards, the players must build their poker hands. The player with the lowest hand wins the pot.


Beginner hand history review Razz Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • PokerNoob91


    Great! Thank you so much! The first razz viudeo for which i waited so long
  • Waiboy


    YAY! RAZZ content! <3 <3 <3
  • Justgame


    когда будет вторая часть для стада?
  • spitfireee


    More more, i love RAZZ!!!!!
  • Vladimir


    Justgame, тогда, когда RainmanTrail её запишет.:) Это видео по Раззу вскоре будет переведено на русский.
  • Khali


    Fine vid, looking for more in the future!
  • Guesswhat


    First Razz Vid, NICE!

    More, please!
  • Settra


    nice, hope for more
  • TetraQuark


    This is great! Pls hurry up with other videos =P =))
  • JojoDeluxe


    more please. very nice vid11!!
  • ulmo


    Great game and great video!
    Looking forward for the next to come.
  • BlueCuracao87


  • BlueCuracao87


    how do you call the review programme?
  • Phonosapien


  • Gwenifer


    There's a small fault in the description (last sentence): As RainmanTrail explains not the "worst" hand wins, but rather the the "lowest".
    Probably a little test by Pokerstrategy ;-)

    Nice vid! Hope to see the second part soon.
  • BlueCuracao87


    is there any razz tracker out there?
  • vladnz


    where are the other stud ones? make more plssssssss
  • TheCoon


    Another great video :)
  • PokerMarcel87


    @12: Afaik does PT Stud track Razz Hands. But not really sure...googel may help ;-)
  • igsew


    nice video!!
  • DonCyrano


    Very good video again. I looking foward the strategy ones.
  • suitedeule


    yep, PT stud tracks razz, stud and stud8
  • paloema2


    Great vid! Hopefully there will be more of your vids soon!
  • luxxx


    so much <3 for Razz.
    if there wasn't the skill of card memorization ergo the lack of multi tabling ability it would be the greatest game of all.
    one of the purest forms of poker.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks guys, strategy videos are in the works. I'm working on one more intro video for stud hi/lo that will be released first.
  • RainmanTrail


    Wow, so many comments so fast :) Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone. I'll respond to a few of the specific questions raised.

    RE: #9 BlueCuracao87 "how do you call the review programme?"

    The hand history replayer I'm using is called "Universal Replayer". It is free to download and use. I believe it works with all game types, though I'm not certain about games like 5 card draw and badugi.

    RE: Gwenifer, you are correct, the lowest hand wins in razz, not the worst hand. In 2-7 lowball, the worst hand wins.

    RE: BlueCuracao87, Yes, there are a few trackers out there. Poker Tracker Stud is the most powerful tracker and is an essential tool for analysing one' game in depth. I will be using it in future strategy videos as well. There are also a few underground programs that players have created, but support for them is very limited and the learning curve for learning them is very steep. I'm not sure what their names are off the top of my head.
  • HariRadovan


    I liked your vid a lot and have 2 questions: How about playing more than one table at the same time? To me it seems very difficult but is it possible for a good player who plays the game well?

    And whats a realistic winrate per hour for a good player playing 10/20$?
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    absolutely great introduction!!!

    I never heard something about the rules of this game but it sounds very interesting, at least the way you are explaining it. Definitely sounds good for me as I love anything thathas to do with mathematics and this gae semms to be full of it...

    Will you say something explicit about bankrollmanagement in the further videos? If not, is it easier to "calculate" than in Hold'em? Such as "if you have 100 BB for the limit it's okay" or is this more difficult? But I think you planned that for one of the next videos!?

    Another question:
    The fist impresion I get is that heads up games are easier for eginners because there are not as much dead cards, is that true? I think the more players the higher the edge of the good player, but if someone is beginning to play that game with strategy maybe it would be better for him to play Heads-Up tables at the best? Or am I wrong?

    Another aspect is what luxxx said:
    you might come to a better winrate per hand but is it still a better winrate per hour than in other poker games as you won't be able to play 4 tables with several players because you can't memorize all the dead cards on every table probably?

    I thin if you play heads-up you could indeed play more tables but if there are 6 players on each table your winrate per hand will suffer extremely, or am I wrong?

    one last question:
    is there much traffic? If yes, on which platform can you find the most tables? I guees Pokerstars!? But are there any other platforms that have enough players to play that game? Which ones?

    Thank yoe very much, I'm really happy thatI saw this video!

    I'm sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand it anyway.
  • FWKanobi


    Why AAAAKQJ < 2222345 ?
    the 5 cards AAKQJ are higher then 22345
    What did I miss here ?
  • martins1337


    @#7 FWKonabi
    AA pair is lower than 22, so AA wins
  • jbpatzer


    Had a go at razz for play money on FT, just to see if I understood the rules properly, and turned 200 chips into 2000! I relaize this is deeply sad, but am looking forward to the next video and trying real money! Thanks.
  • Dojot


    Nice, I want to see more videos.
  • madnkl


    We want more! :)
  • Solinero


    Thanks for the video. Enjoyed watching.
  • alenstrat


    Great video. Very clear. Waiting for the next video and Stud H/L, which is actually my favorite game. Thanks!!
  • aufuu


    Realistic winrate at 10/20 is 1-3BB, at stars the 10/20 is very tough and >2 is kind of impossible, though on 30/60 its quiet easy.
  • aufuu


    there is fulltilt and pokerstars with traffic. UB rarely runs, ftp has superturbo hu`s and good normal hu sngs.
  • aufuu


    that the winrate is bigger than in plo is def not true, and with the hourly its even lesstrue.

    the std dev is underestimated, its hell low imo
    15-17bb/100 in my big db
  • aufuu


    300BB brm is standard setting on low/mids....over 5/10 400BB-500BB is needed because winrate decreases much. if u r learning the game, set some money aside to spew and not take ur NLHE bankroll or something to pay for learning razz
  • aufuu


    steal position in razz is not comparable to BU situation in nlhe
  • aufuu


    isnt 29:30 not a 4bet by him:)?
  • aufuu


    u can limp xxQ`s but not with one or more wheel cards behind and without specific reads
  • aufuu



    also known as "one card behind", and he is never drawing dead with an 86 draw vs made 7 on 5th street.
  • FWKanobi


    AAAAKQJ < 2222345
    I still don't get it.
    The player with the lowest high card wins. so how come AKQJ<2345 !?
    5 is the lowest high card...
  • jbpatzer


    Razz is like poker was in the 19th century, with straights and flushes not counting and A low, not high. Pairs, trips, quads and full houses do however count, so AAKQJ<22345 because AA<22. The other 3 cards are irrelevant here.
  • FWKanobi


    "Pairs, trips, quads and full houses"
    That I didnt know :)
  • Chorez


    #2 agree with aufuu
  • TikkesBE


    good video ^^
  • RainmanTrail


    AAAAKQJ < 2222345 because we must play 5 cards. Both players get to throw out AA and 22 respectively. This leaves us with AAKQJ vs 22345. The first thing we look at is the pairs (ignore the other cards for now). Since Aces are low in Razz, AA < 22 so the AAKQJ wins the hand. Now, if we both were playing the same pair ie we had AAKQJ vs AA345, then the AA345 would win because we would then move to the next highest card after the pairs. Make sense?
  • RainmanTrail


    Stud Hi/Lo is in the works. I'm on vacation in San Diego this week and I'll be working on the video on my flight. Should be uploaded when I get back.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: HariRadovan
    There are a couple of methods for being able to multi-table Razz that are quite effective. I'll be introducing them in my strategy videos. I once did a multi-tabling experiment with 12 tabling Razz and was able to maintain a 2BB/100 winrate on the 3/6
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: HamburgmeinePerle

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I will be touching on bankroll management in my strategy videos. BR requirements vary with your style of play and winrates, but we will definitely put together a plan that is conducive for all skill sets.

    HU Razz is not a place I would recommend for beginners. There's a lot of metagaming concepts in HU that would prove to be too much for a beginner. This is another topic I will cover in my HU videos to come.

    There is quite a bit of Razz traffic if you don't mind playing Stars and FTP and more than one limit. I almost never play fewer than 4 tables and usually run 6-7 when playing. If I can't find more than 3 I usually won't even play Razz.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks for all the support aufuu, nice to see you on here :) I figured I'd run into you here someday. Hope you enjoy the videos to come.

    You are also correct regarding not drawing dead with an 86 draw on 5th vs a made 7. However, calling would certainly be throwing money away as you know :) But hey, there's always runner runner!

    Take care, good to see you.
  • aufuu


  • ulmo


    when can we expect to see the next Razz/stud vid?
  • RainmanTrail


    In the next Razz and Stud videos, you can expect to see beginning strategy concepts. I'll be covering starting hands, position, aggression levels etc.
  • Paxis


    wow, damn nice vid.
    make fun to watch razz.
  • bonfi91


    There is a preflop starting hands charts?
  • HariRadovan


    thx 4 your answer. Im glad to hear that you plan making more vids!
  • acanfly


    Definitely continue that!!!
    So its not only pokerholdemstrategy.com... good job!
  • abgerammelt


    i really enjoyed this video! Greetings from another low ball dedicated guy :)
  • BlueCuracao87


    when comes the other video
  • CBFunk



    Travis is working on new videos and when he´s finished they will be released asap
  • zoso


    I really enjoyed to test something new. but this game is nothing for me. just donked out 70$ on the lowest limit. Its allways the sanme. Ultra long waiting for playable hand just to loose 7th street with A24k42A. This game really tilts me even with that small money.
  • zoso


    catching pair in the right moments seems to be the real problem in this sucker game
  • Djecky


    Скоро это меньше чем месяц?)А то очень уж хочется оценить)
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Rainman :) There's a question for you about Razz (from Russian community):

    "How many tables do you usually play considering that you always have to remember all the dead cards? Do you use any stud software during play?"
  • Kogtistiy


    And one more question: "In this video you didn't tell how many big bets do we need per limit. What amount do you consider optimal for Razz?"
  • Eco024


    As a complete begginer, where do I start, stud or razz? Which do you think is the best.
  • Eco024


    By the way, both videos were great!
  • RainmanTrail


    I do not use a preflop starting hand chart and do not encourage using one for my students. The reason is hand strength is greatly dependent upon the upcards of your opponents as well as your position. Therefore hand strength is much more relative than it would be in holdem or plo. However, I do implement a formula that I will share with the community that you can use as a starting point for which hands are playable.
  • RainmanTrail


    I'm back from my vacation and will be uploading the stud hi/lo video tonight (I'm working on it right now - unfortunately I had to reinstall windows so I'm just dealing with codec and camtasia issues at the moment, but I should be done tonight). Strategy videos soon to follow.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: zoso

    I see a couple strategy problems already from your post. Hopefully I'll be able to help you improve your game with my first Razz instructional video.
  • RainmanTrail


    I rarely play fewer than 4 tables at once (I just don't find it worth my time). I usually play 6 tables. I did an experiment last summer to get in as many hands and tables as I could and found myself playing upwards of 13 tables, while I usually ran 6 to 10. I kept a 2 BB/100 avg during this experiment. My typical winrates are 3-5 BB/100 when playing less tables, but it totally depends on the games you are in. Razz winrates vary alot from game to game.
  • RainmanTrail


    I would recommend 400 BB for a beginner and ~300 BB for someone with more experience. I usually play with 200 BB, but I can transfer money into my account if I need to (though I've only had one swing in my lifetime that was bad enough to require it).
  • RainmanTrail


    I prefer Razz over Stud, but that's just because I prefer the action. Razz is much more of an action game. However, both games are great.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks! More to come.
  • RainmanTrail


    One the way :)
  • RainmanTrail


    oops... On the way :)
  • Kogtistiy


    Thx for the answers :)

    There's one more question left:
    "Do you use any stud software during play? What would you recommend?"
  • emetic


    When will the first RAZZ instructional video be uploaded? Really waiting for it ;)
  • ScHnibL0r


    hand at 38:00

    is it good to only call preflop there?
    i mean your hand gets face up or do you balance this by calling better hands as well?
    I mean every 7 beats his 8 so you maybe 3bet every 7 and so right now since you just called he knows that you likely have a 8 or a 9 high hand on the 5th street and he shoulnt fold if he is drawing to a 8654 because of the 3rd street action?
  • Spontann


    Thanks for movie. Can u tell when will be razz movie about strategy?
  • wujekryba


    more please about strategy
  • PieterT4


    Nice video, looking forward to the next one.
  • spitfireee


    Hello, Rainman

    You have a project for make a strategical article about razz?


    PS sorry for my bad english
  • Bielanek


    We want more :D
  • RainmanTrail


    Hi guys, sorry for the delay, I've just uploaded my first Razz strategy video. It should be available soon.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE ScHnibLOr
    I advocate mixing up our play when we are slightly ahead of our opponents so as to make us difficult to read. Slow playing has merit in Razz, but aggression should be our primary focus. I touch on this in my upcoming video, but will go into it in more depth in a later video.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE Kogtisty
    I don't use any stud software during play. I may introduce a couple of tools for it in the future, however I just use Poker Tracker Stud to analyze my game and my oponents.
  • MetalistULTRAS


    Very nice Vid, my 1st in Razz. Thanx a lot! I got acquainted with Razz)))
  • Borisian


    Logic, probability and NOT tilting :D
  • aloureiropt


    gooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooo