HU PLOmahaha - Part 4

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Heads-up
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In episode four TwiceT finishes reviewing the HU PLO 50 match between members "Fearou" from France and "van0" from Russia. In this last part we'll see the match getting even more aggressive while both players are 300 bb deep. Increased 3 and 4betting on both sides lead to very interesting and big pots


FullTilt HU PLOmahaha series User Session Review

Comments (9)

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  • CBFunk


  • frenacoxes


    sin traducir no vale para nada
  • frenacoxes


    sería un gran gran aporte los videos de este jugador traducidos, plz!!!
  • gizmop


    can you say something about the rake you pay playing HU NL50plo? Would you say HU is profitable on the low limits?
  • alejgambe


    coincido con frena
  • pablof24


    coincido con alej
  • diegohada


    min 10 u have a wrap a2345 with bd fds i think u often pay too less attention. u can do better
  • van0


    Regarding the hand at 20:00, where villain semi-bluffed with FD at 992 board: I was actually thinking of turning my hand into a bluff, so that he'll check/fold his flush.

    In previous videos, he did the same thing (semi-bluff on paired board), and won with straight > trips :)
  • KnitterRitter


    The A7KJ hand (nutflush on paired board) - why not just ch/c the river? Sure it's a tough spot, but as you said, it's also a perfect bluff spot and we actually rep the straight.