Seven Card Stud Hi/lo - An introduction for beginners

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Stud Hi/Lo, or Stud8, is one variation of Stud poker: instead of using community cards, each player is dealt seven cards (four face up, three face down), from which he must make his hand. In Stud8, a player makes two hands, one Hi and one Lo.


Beginner hand history review Seven Card Stud Hi/lo Stud Theory Video

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  • busulette666


  • captainc0ke


  • taschendamenfalter


    thx, i really enjoyed your 3 intro-vids. you're excellent in explaining + your enthusiasm in these games is catching, at least it caught me. so, after railin' and spewin' around a bit, i desperately waiting for serious content. :)
  • GetTheFunkOut


    i really enjoyed the videos too as i´ve already posted in the stud hi comments ^^ but i want to ask you sth: it´s very nice that you did these 3 introduction videos at the beginning, that was something lacked ^^ but what´s your plan for the future concerning strategy? will you concentrate on one of the games first and get really deep-thinking and then move to one of the other 2 or will you mix it up like one video stud, next hi/lo, next razz etc.? i think it would be better to concentrate on one game first because it would be a lot more attractive to the viewers as it is more steady - i hope you know what i mean ;-)

    greetings, GetTheFunkOut
  • vladnz


    why did u make another intro for beginners Stud H/L ?
  • elhh82


    vladnz, i thin the previous one is just stud. not Hi/Lo
  • Eco024


    Bet for Spain, sure win :).
  • jbpatzer


    I particularly liked the way you followed 'one attraction of Stud HiLo is that it's easier to win a WSOP bracelet' with 'here's how you tell which hand has won'! But seriously, great stuff! Looking forward to the next video.
  • rex99


    wow man, nice video!
  • spitfireee


    5 stars
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: jbpatzer

    Nice catch, that is rather ironic. You'd be surprised at what goes on at the WSOP. In last year's Razz event, I was sitting next to a player most of day two whom I thought was one of the worst Razz players I've ever played against. Daniel Negreanu was literally explaining the rules to him on several hands. He had no clue what was going on. We combined tables later on and got down to two tables and guess who sits down next to me again? I won't tell you who he was, but I'll say this much: he made the final table.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks for your comments and praise.

    RE: GetTheFunkOut

    I will be doing some strategy videos on all of the games at first. However, I hope to be producing videos at a rate of ~1 per week soon (I'm working on a video right now). Hopefully I will be able to have at least one strategy video for the different game types each month this way. Whatever the PS community asks for is what I will produce. Currently there is a high demand for deeper content in all stud forms. I intend to deliver.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: vladz

    This video is introducing Stud Hi/Lo split. My other videos were introducing Stud Hi and Razz.
  • Waiboy


    Excellent vid again. :) If the strategy vids are in the same vein I suspect I won't be the only one seeking WTF! tilt relief (tm) at the Stud tables
  • fu4711


    Great video, really looking forward to the sequels, preferrably about preflop hand selection in the next episode since I believe, as in other limit games, pushing preflop edges is a major part of the winrate, although there are more postflop streets in stud then in holdem.
    Two things I might have gotten wrong (no native speaker obviously): First, you said, higher winrate implies lower variance. This is not true I believe, just the risk of ruin is lower which allows for a lower bankroll requirement.
    Second is, if you bet on 4 different teams to win a world cup, you might do so as an insurance, but the chances of all four of them winning is absolutely non existent (especially if England is one of your picks:) )
  • MLG1984


    Ojala los pasen al castellano, este el de razz y los que vengan ..
  • Mallefitzo


    Hola MLG,

    Claro, no te preocupes. Pronto podréis disfrutar estos vídeos también en español.

  • chenny8888


    i'm learning stud for that exact reason jbpatzer... this year's player of the year is awful yet made it cause he just luckboxed some stud events
  • wujekryba


    more pleace
  • dydukas


    Excellent video. Looking forward to strategy video!
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: fu4711

    Hello, thanks for catching my statement regarding winrate
  • RainmanTrail


    hmm, not sure why my comment got cut off, but here is the rest of it...

    I was stating that you are correct regarding the fact that winrate does not affect mathematical variance. It effects one's risk of ruin. However, most players (at least in the US) mistakenly identify variance with risk of ruin. They want to know what their BR requirements should be when they ask about variance. Increasing winrates lowers your BR requirements but not your variance.

    Also, my analogy with the 4 World Cup teams was meant to have taken place in the early rounds where our wager would be placed on the outcome of 4 teams each winning their respective games as opposed to winning the entire tournament.


    regarding the variance part i had a 250 bb downswing playing hi-low stud

    the good thing is i always play limit with 1000 bb. until this 250 bb downswing i thought 1000 is enough
  • geezer77


    ждем перевод...
  • samson11


    Enjoy all of RainmanTrail's vids, but unless you are on Gold status you are restricted to basically introductory vids to games other than Hold'em. I think this is unfair and i consequently believe that some of the vids in the gold status should be reduced to Silver status. Hope you will agree too!
  • DYRD


    looks like Stud8 is dead on Stars