Byron Jacobs visits and Gibraltar

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Our video producer Byron Jacobs visited the head office in Gibraltar. In this video interview he explains how he started with poker, why poker and chess are similar and gives tips for beginners.


Byron Jacobs visits and Gibralta interview

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  • Fold4me


    Viel Spaß
  • trumaxim


    I think pair of live lessons from it would be much more interesting everything, than sample interview.
  • Ben2000


  • Lamapalooza


    Leuk om eens de mensen achter video's te zien en wat ze denken.
  • Spiret


    а по русски можно послушать?
  • god500


    Да хотелось бы по русски


    как позновательно, лол, вы что думаете тут все владеют иностранными языками?
  • Strish


    А что в школе английский не учили? )
  • GreatPHOENIX


    Спокойно воспринимается на слух процентов 90, но субтитры не помешали бы =)
  • iNspiRe


    Перевод будет на след. неделе.
  • edriwen


    #5 иногда не хватает школьного курса английского, чтобы понимать беглую речь. да и не все учили английский.
  • jacquelinea


    solche videos machen lust auf mehr!
  • Sickk


    der typ von sieht ein bisschen so aus wie mark medlock oder?
  • szevasztopol


    @4: das stimmt :D
  • TheJoker


    es ist nicht schwarz^^
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    very nice!!
  • eugene315


    ma chi sò, i goonies???
  • trylimits


    min 3:38 - 3:42 klingt irgendwie lustig :)
  • Zemnieks11


    nice idea there about reading articles vs watching videos, going to read some.
  • Thypo


    Inderdaad, leuk interview, zien we ook eens een van de mensen die erachter zitten.
  • Sacrifice51


    Wie wäre es mal mit einigermaßen professionellen Moderatoren vor der Kamera :) ?
  • DELETEDM_1725351


    Nice. Niet multitablen ;-)
  • Apep


    Tom Buhrow hatte bestimmt nur gerade keine Zeit.
  • antoniocalado


    nice interview. Hope to see more soon. its very nice to hear big names talking about their course on the game.
  • rasko123


    Great video :)
  • madorjan


    Excuse me guys, but really??? One of the best FL players in the whole universe, and you send a guy to interview him in a shirt where a monkey's showing his ass and testicles?!?!?! WTF is that? Shame on you... Show some respect or something...
  • RKBB65


    Not only wearing that shirt, but wearing that Abe Lincoln homage! Combine the two together and its a fashion train train wreck just waiting to happen!
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi guys

    #2 and #3: This is a bit harsh. I thought Vhallee did a nice job. Normally I hate watching/listening to myself but actually this video is OK.

    #2 Thx for the compliment about my FL skills. However, although I'm pretty decent at the "mid - lower high limits", the successful high limit players are quite a lot stronger.
  • cojocarustefana


    vhalee is doing his job very a well and doesn t matter if he wear a suit or a shirt :D ;)
  • RGOD2


    Great interests, good feedback I have a lot of scribbles down being an inspiring writer myself and yes I am aware the writing I do is Inspiring ;-)
    fixed limits seem to be the slow but produce profits provided you are good enough