roomPoker Midstakes - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Somnius plays at roompoker and establishes reads against unknown opponents. 3bet and 4bet dynamics are highlighted and discussed. More importantly, Somnius shows you opportunities to pounce on pots and turn your hands into bluffs on the river instead of playing too passively. There is also reiteration of the negatives of mass-multitabling and autopiloting.


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  • CBFunk


  • BobDole


    'im playing on a friends account'
    wtf account sharing von nem videoproduzenten :P
  • Ninjai


    I don't really like your check with almost the top of your range. It's a board where you rarely check back air but bet that instead. Additionally you mention you don't know jack about him, so at least you could expect him to c/c any PP once or maybe even float oop once in a while.

    Don't you think it's better to gather information about your opponents at first side? Obviously you get to fold better hands but reallistically looking, his turn v-betting range would never c/f the river and he has no real reason to bet Ax<T on for value on the turn if he is not expecting you to float light twice. So being him with AQ is a easy c/c for me, as you don't have a reason to overbet there for value at all.

    Again fwiw, a call to invite sisco into the pot is a lot better. The reg will simply be honest and vbet sisco light so you'll be easily extracting value from him. And 3betting him BTN/UTG with the fish in the blinds is a easy fold for him unless he has QQ+,AK imo.

    For me it's easy call or squeeze but never a fold. Look at the odds and the range information you get from that SB-guy. You can outplay him easily while the reg will be playing pretty honest. I think a squeeze is best though just for the fact of your high card-removal-effect.

    Rly like the range-merge here, altough you don't have that many 5's in your range your probably have a lot more than him.
  • despo16


    irgendwie meist nur wtf :)
  • Somnius


    12 - ya sure, I just like to mix things up a bit

    14 - hes expecting me to possibly call twice light but not turn them into bluffs on the river. because of that I think his range on the turn is wide enough to include enough c/f on the river.

    24:30 - I probably 3bet more then you in general and I still disagree with your assessment against general 2/4 grinders. a call isn't bad though and is definately an option.

    26:30 - sometimes I might agree I probably felt I wouldn't get many folds at that point in the session.
  • dhw86


    08:25 - you called JJ pre vs the raise and again the squeeze, hit a decent flop but decided to fold. what was your gameplan for that hand, why call preflop when you decide to fold an overpair?