TAG Team - Transatlantic Gamblers - Part 1

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somnius and ge5sterne, Canada and Europe, TransAtlanticGamblers. Our two coaches present their new series in which they review each others play on the Midstakes. In the first episode they critically analyze some spots in which ge5sterne found himself and where he didn't always make the right choice.


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Comments (10)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new series by ge5sterne & Somnius!

    Please remember ro keep the comments in English!
  • peffgen


    The excessive use of the word "like" of ge5sterne makes the video very hard and exhausting to watch.
  • GrafM


    @3: mimimimi
    "like" is just a colloquial term used to fill gaps in conversations, needed for thinking or whatever kind of purpose. It's the same as "I mean", fairly often used by somnius, e.g. . That doesn't seem to bother you at all, though. Anyways...

    I think it was a well done video, considering quite interesting and not perfectly played hands, well discussed by the two coaches and thus giving the audience quite a good insight in considering different lines.

    The only thing that bothered me sometimes, was the audio quality of somnius who was sometimes just barely comprehensible. Other than that: Nice job, guys!
  • Wody


    horrible vid; the first two hands are really boring (stoped watching there)
    it seems like hero took a shot@midstakes, played like (:D) 100 hands there and desperately wanted to make a video out of that
  • Ribbo


    I agree peffgen. I'm always disappointed by coaches who say "like" too much. It is something we will be trying to address with coaches in the future. If you have nothing to say, you should probably just keep the air empty than say "like" one more time. :)
  • diegohada


    i totally agree with the other guys critizizing the speech level of g5sterne! i think its not a big deal to find coaches who speak englisch properly, as we can see with all the native speaking coaches of course. its really hard to keep up the attention. so i would recommend you to improve that!

    in my opinion the video is nothing special, i really enjoyed somnius other video series, but the hands they chose are not very complex or interessting, so hopefully you are going to improve that in the next part as well
  • ge5sterne


    I apologizie for my overuse of certain fill-in phrases such as "like" in this video guys. I still like think to think that level of English is decent and at least comprehensible, especially if I attempt to speak "proper" English. I will pay heed to your feedback in the future and attempt to leave out "like" as much as possible. Guess I lived among Americans for too long and got into some bad habits in that regard ;)

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Best Regards
  • TheLastNail


    i think the level of language is very good and ge5sterne is not using it rly that often than somnius :)so dont understand the blaming at all. The selection of the hands could have been deffo more interesting though. gl for the next parts
  • yomatiyo


    I like the word "like". So nice vid.
  • luisgranado



    Can someone please tell me how can I have the pot odds displayed the same way they have in this video?