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After introducing Stud high and Razz, RainmanTrail brings you the basic guide to the third variation, Stud hi/lo, focusing on starting hand selection and beginners strategy.


series Stud Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the Stud hi/lo 101 video by RainmanTrail!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Saibo1


    first :D:D:D:D:D
  • Presley60


    always pretty nice

    thank you for your amazing vids
  • Kimber88


    Your vids rock!
  • ChrisA3


    As a mid - high-stakes mixed game player I really do like this video in general. I'm not a complete expert at Stud8 but somewhat competent and play the 30/60 games occasionally + mix games. What I noticed throughout the video that Stud8 is very tough to talk about to beginning players, but I think you did a pretty good job in this one, so that's nice.

    Just teaching-wise you should have left out the AQQ (shouldn't play, so many lows, then play when it gets folded) which while obv right is confusing and a trouble hand. Checking 4th street is very bad in a beginners video and also on a table that low. I get the idea if you induce enough (which you don't at lowstakes), but even then the check is questionable in any game. The check itself is balanced bc you might give up sometimes (which I'm not that fond of either with that board), but what do you ever c/c or c/r there? There's like no deception left after you continue + giving freecards isnt great on that board either.

    On minute 29:00 with the A23 I'd like to discuss 3betting or just calling against the limped 4 + raised 9. I'm not quite sure what to make of the reraise, looks like it's getting you headsup with questionable equity on third. Specifically since you have the 2 showing he knows where you're at pretty well and can play you quite perfectly on future streets, giving up when you hit well and putting you under pressure you if you hit bad. Plus you might fold out a very bad lowdraw on 3rd that you could freeroll on future streets.

    Also if both call you do most likely get squeezed between the nines and the lowdraw on 4th which sucks a lot if you miss and the 4 hits a low, so I don't really love the 3bet. But very interested what your take is on that topic.

    Minute 40: you get the AA7 headsup against a deuce and hit a Q on 4th with him getting a 5, are you always betting this in serious games? I think in a vacuum it's close between checking and betting, but your betting range has to be pretty much aces right? Just bc of that I'd check/call and donk 5th if he bricks.

    Very much looking forward to your future videos!
  • Lausbub7


    the fact that there are many low hands out should increase our EQ slightly.
  • mariuszl2


    Great video, I didnt know Stud hi/lo is so interesting :) , high level thinking ^^ , more vids about this pls :D
  • ganatodoAA


    very interesting. can we expect to see more stu8 contents by you?
  • Ribbo


    Travis Trail is currently trying to get his connection worked out so he can reply to your comments :) Since pokerstrategy block connections from USA he has to use a proxy.
  • orcwarhero


    Thanks, very nice Vid.

    I play .02/.04 and .05/.10 so it is usually at LEAST 6 handed to 5 street.

    Scooping is VERY hard but a TIGHT starting hand as you have mentioned will go a long way to making 1-2 BB/100. It isn't much, but it's
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks again for all the kind comments. I'm glad you guys liked the video. There will certainly be more Stud 8 videos to come from me.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: ChrisA3
    Thanks for your response and kind words. I agree with your comments on the AQQ hand. I think there was a little bit of fancy play syndrome going on by not betting my hand on 4th st. I often find that at lower stakes tables, traps work well, much more than they should. Perhaps this one was just a bit too greedy though. Either way, it could have been left out of the video to keep things more "beginner" level.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: Chris and the A23 hand...
    I think the key factor here is that we are playing a 2/4 game and our opponent has raised the pot with a 9 in the door and no chance of stealing the pot (someone already limped). He COULD be rolled up, but it's much more likely that he's a poor player. At these stakes and against a 9 in the door, I'm going to be looking for spots to charge my opponents. Also, I disagree that he knows where I'm at. If I have any buried pairs T+, I'm going to be playing it the same way. This broadens my range. At higher stakes games vs better players, I definitely play different. But for beginners looking for weak spots, a 9 completing the raise is an excellent sight to behold.
  • RainmanTrail


    also worth noting, squeezing doesn't really become much of an issue until you get up to 5/10 and higher. While there are a few players out there who understand the concept, the majority of these players are not squeezing at the lower stakes or "beginner" tables.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: min 40 and my AA7

    This is another spot where there's a big difference between low stakes play and mid to high stakes play. In low stakes play, many players defend their bring in close to 100% just to see what they get on the subsequent street. The fact that the villain was the bring in and that this was a low stakes table is what made my bet so automatic. However, if this were a higher stakes table and I knew my villain to be a tight player, then I would give him the respect of c/c'ing 4th. However, as the hand plays out, you probably took notice that he neither made a low nor a good enough high hand to call me down with even after I showed weakness on 5th st when he was showing me xx253. That's pretty bad. That tells us that he probably started with something like J72. These players are rampant at low stakes. Unfortunately, you have to make them pay for their mistakes which develops bad habits in your game as you move up in stakes. It's sort of a catch 22.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: marius
    Thanks for the praise. Stud 8 is definitely a very deep game. It has a steep learning curve and much to think about. It is also considerably more and more complex the deeper into it you get. It's a really fun and thought provoking game. I look forward to providing more video content for it in the future.
  • BluePredator


    Thank you for nice video. I play Stud8, but after 20K hands and everyday analysys I have a negative BB/100.
    How much are your VPIP and PFR ? And WTSD ?
    I am not sure that I have a good stats. Please, comment it:
    Vol.Put $ In The Pot: 25.54
    Won$WS4th: 40.74
    Won$WS5th: 45.55
    Won$WS6th: 52.18
    Won$WSRiv: 57.11
    Won$ At SD: 62.12
    Went to SD:51.55
    3rd St Raise:7.73
    Hi/Lo Won Hi%: 11.58
    Hi/Lo Won Lo%:5.82
    Hi/Lo Scoop: 8.33
    3rd Aggr Facr:0.39
    4rd Aggr Facr:0.91
    5rd Aggr Facr:0.94
    6rd Aggr Facr:0.95
    Riv Aggr Facr:1.09
    Tot Aggr Fact:0.97
    SawF SawSD
    35.7 18.4
    Where am I wrong?
  • BluePredator


    What do you think about articles of David Sklansky in "Supersystem I" and Todd Brunson in "Supersystem II".
    Thank you for attention and answer.
  • TxPoker888


    Great video, hope you make another Stud8 video soon...
    By the way, do you know any place where Stud8 is played live?
  • MetalistULTRAS


    Very useful video for me as a beginner. Valuable comments, very clear explanations.
    Thanx a lot! Waiting for your next videos
  • RainmanTrail


    @17 you are playing too passively. Your aggression factors need to be much higher than that.
  • RainmanTrail


    @18 - Sklanksy's article does not apply. He is speaking strictly with respect to stud hi/lo without a qualifier for low. In other words, a low hand ALWAYS wins half the pot, even if that low hand is two pair. In this format, KK is a pretty much unplayable. However, with the 8 or better qualifier in place for low, it changes the game drastically. Todd Brunson's article in Supersystem II is much more applicable.
  • thebatsman


    one of the best explained videos I have seen at PS..I will be looking for more of your videos
  • Pascal


    there are 18 videos of rainmantrail
    up to silver and 6 for gold level
    so enjoy watching them :-)
  • FLdot


    Thank You!
    I really like your videos and especially this one was very valuable.
    Keep on with your informative as well as enjoyable content!
  • DYRD


    nice video, u rock dude, so enthusiastic, now I'm starting 2 understand something, After reading Supersystem I still felt clueless, gl