TAG Team - Transatlantic Gamblers - Part 2

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somnius and ge5sterne, Canada and Europe, Transatlantic Gamblers. In the second part of their series they team up again to review some hands on NL1k where ge5sterne was uncertain about his play and made some mistakes. Together they attempt to find better ways of playing these hands and talk about the relevant concepts for the respective spot.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy part 2 of the TAG team series by ge5sterne and somnius!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Sattelite1


    If you are a real TAG team you may also think to do one series together which means you gonna play togehter one table and afterwards you change your role and comment your TAG tema partners spots and especially handrange you put him on and his opponent and evaluate later on if you where right or wrong with your assumptions.
    Beside that some nice hands and thought processes.
  • Ribbo


    #2 Playing together breaks the rules of the online cardrooms. 1 person 1 hand even online. :-)
    It's generally impossible to enforce but making a video would certainly count as proof and get them in trouble.
  • SoWe


    #3 i think he meant that they each individually play the same table, each alone, and AFTERWARDS comment on each others play
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    Nice video with interesting thoughts. Somnius was asking some really good questions imo ;)
  • yomatiyo



    WticeT plays whit some other one in some HU videos.. is ilegal???
  • yomatiyo


    KJ hand... Somnius make an amazing analizis of the chbh situation in the flop.
    Just beautifull way to get to the idea making good questions.
  • RiseandStrive


    @3 It's ok :) where will no be any rules breaking action during such a video and only one player will be playing, because only one man will be clicking on the mouse botton .... :D:D:D