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In his newest video TwiceT brings you to the world of HU SNG's. He will show how to adjust to different types of opponents and which lines to take to exploit their leaks.


HU with TwiceT Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new HU video by TwiceT!

    Please remeber to keep the comments in English!
  • djfatal


    perfect 4 minutes wich i ever saw...
  • shakorti


    10% rake on partypoker.. move to full tilt and play some 52,50 there, that could be interesting...
  • Kireto


    Nice video. Thnaks
  • Maxippouce


    is it fair if i take some notes ? ^_^
  • trumaxim


    on FT rake 10% too
  • IngolPoker


    rly liked ur isoraise never seen this hu
  • roswellx


    lol @ #7
  • StabiBossa


    OH TWICET U ARE NUMBER 1 !!! I LOVE YOU great video
  • BadBoy1989


    When I saw new husng movie I was very happy, but when I saw TwiceT near film... Srry I need to fap! xDDD

    Ofc just kidding, im going to watch it 3times its prolly one of the best movies of hu sngs on this site.
  • PirateGrec


    Thx I really liked your Cash HU videos but since I play SnG I definetely enjoy this new serie !
  • TheJerk


    so u isolate someone in a HU game? interesting...
  • TwiceT


    lol @ isoraise. yeah, i play a different hu style :D
  • alejandrosh


    isoraise? pro's really think at another level
  • lsunsk


    live iz the best keap up nice video
  • neonsky


    will be another hu sng video from TwiceT or other coach?
  • dine8


    extremely good video because not like other video producers who only play or at least film matches against weak tight opponents ur playing an aggro player with all the decisions coming up in those matches. I like it very much and looking forward for more. thx
  • maxwi


    I love your vids and admire your skills but you played the second opponent absolutely terrible. What are you doing going broke with top pair bad kicker multiple times against a passive opponent like that at the 11$ level? (eg 52:45) We absolutely have to fold here. Calling off at the 11$ level against an opponent like that is a huge mistake! Adding to the misery you make bad calls on turn and river several times.
    It is just wrong against this type of nearly pure value betting opponent who checks down virtually every river if he does not have it.
    Guys like him have the "nuts" 9 out of ten times when they raise or bet at this level. Folding is the only option - gut wrenching folds are the path to victory.
    Having said all this - the world changes upside down on higher levels.
    The folds I recommend against a passive Lemur in 11$ SNGs are utterly wrong on higher levels where you probably crush the games.
  • maxwi


    Just wrote this comment before you doubt yourself at minute 54:00.
    Yes, not adapting well to the modern Lemurs in todays 11$ HU SNGs.
  • maxwi


    Very nice play in the very end after making great adjustments!
  • Zemnieks11


    yeah great series, would like to see more and one tabling live is better than reviewing 4.
  • toatreffnix


    I also like this video and would prefer onetabling live over reviewing for future ones.
  • EmanuelC16


    Could you explain the your isoraise in HU? ^^
  • EmanuelC16


    *without 'the'... my bad :)
  • EmanuelC16


    One more thing: about the A9o hand... I don't think you have to call. I mean... you get 1.3:1 and he's range isn't at all weak. I don't think he would do that with less than AK, QQ+. Just a hunch about those 10% PFR players... You have 2.4k chips left if you fold, you know you are behind.. Maybe the move would make sense on higher limits but not at 11$.
  • Falco35


    rake is just 5% at FT some stakes, like the 50$ SnGs. But most are the same, 10%
  • Falco35


    you fold JT vs 4BB open. Why? Do you thing youre dominated, or what. I mean the playability isnt as bad HU. Even OOP. Or not?!
    Please comment
  • Falco35


    You dont have to be afraid that youre exploitable when folding A9.
    I think youre giving the opponent to much credit by thinking hes floating you. He doesnt, belive me. Hes just that kind of player at this limits, which cant fold and plays slow every hand.
    Youre just running very bad. Everytime you have a strong hand he has the better one.
    I sometimes also cant belive it when i get raised all-in all the time when ive a very strong hand, and Villain show me the better hand.
    Very nice vid, and Villain just running hot.
  • TwiceT


    @ 27: well, in first blind level i might consider call JTo oop, but for the most part JTo is not soo strong, + playing it oop in an already 8bb pot is not soo easy. folding is my standard from 2nd blind level probably. first level its player dependent. the weaker the opponent overall, the more often i call.
  • alloman


    very good video

    the thinking process is behind it is good

    but i think i wounder if u always think that people are so donk that there is no need to bluff cause actually u dont bluff to much except for semi bluffing which is standard but yeah i think i understand since that the video is for silver but very good hu for learning
  • alloman


    i m willing to play you too 2 table if u want

    live video are better since the the real commentary and ur thinking is more real the review since review are only a mind of after game and are too perfect

    live video are the best

    if u ever need a other player to play

    i m willing to play u sng hu
  • Njeng


    ur betsizing preflop and postflop isnt very good balanced.
  • TwiceT


    @ 30/31. k cool, will let u know if i wanna play u 2 tables for a session. what limits would u like to play?

    and yeah, on those limits i dont pure bluff too much. ppl are just very stationy and i've seen too many crazy calls :D
    after developing some reads, ofc i might also pure bluff some opponents.

    @ 32: as i said in the vid, its probably not balanced AT ALL. and i think thats good. cuz nobody is exploiting my betsizing tells on that level and i can use betsizes only to my advantage all the time.
  • alloman


    i m from canada by the way i might be crazy :)

    doesnt matter to me

    we can do from 50$ to 500$

    either for fun or more serious poker but still for fun
  • LemOn36


    TwiceT is so awesome he can iso raise HU!
  • luxxx


    "I isolated preflop" - respect, you isolated the ONLY other player in the game, pretty damn impressive ;)
    Anyway, great video, looking forward to the next video.
  • Absolutism


    It's so funny as u force yourself into folding hands that u would snapcall on higher limits 100% of the time:)
    It really shows how hard is to adapt and apply completely new reasonings than u are used to. Great vid, nice job!

    As for future videos, i think for us, midstake HU grinders (or for me at least) the best video would be a video where u play a standard, agressive, but not superstrong (platinum or something in PS) reg in the 22-50 limits. If u play against a too good opponent, we cant really learn things that we can use in our every day matches.

    Again, ty for the vid!:)
  • Atomfred


    I really like ur thought processes in min 13.
    but dont u think its way to nitty to fold J4o IP on a minraise after u limped (the first time i think)??
    Im never ever folding to a minr when i limp.
  • Atomfred


    min 13-14 it was btw
  • Atomfred


    i mean obv the stacksizes suck extremely, i guess >50bb u would never fold there, rigth?
  • pogodon


    good vid man
  • w34z3l



    You think mingin is bad,
    well mingin thinks you are a Fxxxxx Joke ;)
  • Falco35


    Yeah, since I watched the video first time Ive played some 11$ HU by myself. And yeah, Villains like mingin(w34z3l) are a big part of the players at these stakes. They like to limp/shove very strong hands and if they raise you postflop they mostly have the nuts. But i know it takes some time to adapt. We 11$ regs(?? BRB), know how they play. So I think you had him in the last game and if you would play more vs him im sure you powned him :)
  • Gavron23


    Thanks for the great video - I am fairly new to HU, but i was wondering if this switch to completing the weak hands in the SB and raising the stronger ones is not exploitable?
    More so if did never try to slowplay (complete in SB check in BB) with a
    very strong hand for deception?
  • abcde23


    @TwiceT: I guess your 2nd opponent exploited your betting sizes. It is the only 1 explainment of last 2 hands in 2nd match against him.
  • aleceiffel


    Even Chuck Norris had no clue how to isoraise heads-up until TwiceT showed him...
  • Sandwind


    nice game but srry man i really hate 2 calls
    1.the A9 preflop when u called shove(i think his range is just so strong there)
    2.and a call on the river when the boards was two pairs(KK22) i think because he is such a cs and i think u will see a king too often there
    but really nice video tyvm nad btw i like the way u talk lol
  • NGeorge86


    terrible play...


    I do appreciate the video, just a question: when you raise mingin OOP with AA the size is not 4x but 3,5x, (140 if I remeber well and BB were 20/40), why changing size?

    Thanks for your time.
  • ghanisha


    Hi. I really appreciate the video, it is quite helpful, especially how you played with the first opponent.
    I don't really think you made mistakes with the other one, the only thing I would have changed is maybe min raising with aa and kk when you got them, I think 4bb raise is ok with hands like ak-, but with such strong hands I would have really wanted to see him call, or raise; as you noticed, he mostly reraised you preflop when you minraised.
  • Falco35


    about min 35 . I think A9o is a Fold if Villain Limp/Shove. But a few hands before I think AJo is a 4BetShove! Even when hes 3Betting this big and has 8% 3Bets
  • shivas80


    isorasing preflop in HU means he is isolating dealer... that means wants oponent to fold :)
  • Harnas31



    jocamaro 00:01 bluffer
    mingin 18:45 nuts-player
    mingin 28:00
    mingin 42:45
    mingin 52:50

    Thank you,
  • thazar


    nice one TT ;)
  • Tim64


    thanks, boss - loved it.
  • SealP


    Nice video TwiceT, thanks.
  • Inguuu


    Thank you very much kind sir, it was really helpful video.