NL $200 FR special part II.

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Fullring
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Comments (28)

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  • tzveti


    I think its the best NL video I've seen here... thank you a lot !
  • senna12


    Király, lassan talán ismét aktuális lesz ez a limit
  • gedeeva


    Sok sikert hozzá, láttam mikor felmentél elég peches volt :)
  • gedeeva


    Sok sikert hozzá, láttam mikor felmentél elég peches volt :)
  • Josh85Ger


    sorry, kann mir die stimme nicht antun, nach 2 minuten war schluss =(
  • erazor1980


    lol, als ob die stimme was über die qualität des videos aussagen würde... super teil! weiter so!
  • aaltvater


    es ist ja nicht so das es rauscht oder so nein einfach mal meckern^^ btw thorsten du sagst am anfang 2nd part? welcher ist der erste ?
  • Thorsten77


    I was told that there were some technical problems with the first part of this series. I'll try to upload it again.
  • aaltvater


    ok danke, btw eins der besten fullrings vids auf richtig nice erklärungen auch wenns nicht so schwer ist wenn fast alles klappt^^
  • Attischa


  • twxyz


    It is confusing to watch 4 tables in an instructional video
  • gyulter


    seems great video need to become gold rank firstable :)
  • liseiris


    one of the best video i have ever seen with nice moves
  • skydexter


    Really good video, thanks a lot ! :)
    (Oh and nice editing too, zooming on the table where action is... really helping)
  • MegaLevi


    Hát fullringhez képest elég LAGot já jó videó!
  • Gungunhana


    Very good. Gives an excellent insight on playing the player and getting one step forward from ABC poker. Tks a lot
  • perfectturn


    Congratulation Thorsten,
    your best video so far!
    More of these please.
  • fridolin


    hauptsache mich wieder rausbluffen...:-(
  • 098799


    awesome, it made me think a lot different about the fr play :)
  • fishwonderbra


    wow!!! I´m nitty
  • Tobsen123


    Bitte mehr davon Thorsten :)

    Deine Videos sind mit die einzigen FR-Videos und sie sind genial!

  • feYVGaMbLe


    Thx for this vid Thorsten. It shows me much of interesting thoughts and gave me a deeper understanding of playin' the spots 'n villians i'll definitely try to integrate to my play!
    I'm longing for more vids like this one! -> 10.0 points so far *thumps up*
  • samagain


    mehr davon.mehr fr generell.ty thorsten
  • wazaari


    Really nice video Thorsten77!!!
    Hope you will do lots of videos....
    Thx again
  • JayKay1910


    Gratz Thorsten
    mehr davon!!
  • albeorn


    ce mec est bizar, lol.
  • Metaller1988


    Great to watch this! I really like your approach on the small to mid pockets in early and mid position. One questions that comes to my mind when watching this is: Do you only resteal against solid Tag players oop with Hands like 46o and the like? I didn't like the AJs Hand at the beginning against the UTG minraise. Don't you get terrible reverse implied odds with that hand by playing it that way even being out of position?
  • super1


    Mehr FR BSS davon bitte.....