Black Member Party XI (HQ)

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In October, the Black Member Event took place for the eleventh time: The programme included a dinner, bowling, a party as well as workshops with representatives from and PokerStars. We captured the highlights from the event on video and conducted some interesting interviews.


Black Member Black Member Party XI

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  • AcesBreaker


    again a perfect party and organization. I hope that I will be a black member... Primary I have to learn an english... So I think that I have a few mouths time to do it :-)
    GL to all
  • StabiBossa


    Hehe looks like you had a lot of fun! :) nice
  • ExConfessor


    Very nice!
  • ZipfelHH


    lol 5:00 Peter Zwegat als Busfahrer der Sightseeingtour.
  • TheMonotype


    Peter Zwegat =) That's right !
  • Gabinr1


    Are BlackMember partys going soft?

    Bowling? Common, you don't need a sponsored event to do that...

  • Skring


    #6 +1111 :D
  • Brockie


    einmal mehr ein großes Lob an die Ersteller des Videos :)
  • Frutosx


    nice one!
  • Sasa1234


    #6 +1
  • tryhardnoob


    That Dominik guy has one bad ass nose ;D