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Chenny8888 plays 4 tables low stakes STT and explains you his line and talks about the opponent´s hand ranges.


PokerStars Session Review

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  • plikis3000


  • JimmyPap


    nice one, we want more :P
  • salflip


    I agree, we could do with some higher buyin SNG vids.
  • Skribbles


    Whats that horrible accent?
    Gratz on the first video keep em coming.
  • chenny8888


    @skribs, i'll try keep it to seex paecks of feesh and cheeps mate
  • Mendezov


    Good vid, I like it.
  • ihufa


    too nitty imo
  • request9999


    text and video are not synchronized
  • Csupszi


    Tetszett a videó. Akkor ha mindenki dobta előttünk SB-ről 100% push? Volt példa 72s-el meg 95oval. Ehhez mondjuk az kell, hogy az átlag ellenfél ne calloljon le 20%-nál lazábban. Hm elég merész feltevés. Magas szinten tuti jó. Azért megjegyzem, hogy a video készítőjének csak 11% ROI-ja van 750db 13$-os turbon ahol 25%-ot is elérnek néhányan.
  • Smushed


    Nekem nem tetszett, véleményem szerint hosszú távon nem kifizetődő ez a laza stratégia. És szerintem ez a videó lelet, nem mai már, azóta a Pokerstarson többen vannak és átlagban talán jobban értenek a pókerhez, de ugyanakkor minden hülye megtalál és lemákolja az AA-od egy 27-el. :)
  • gogogoji


    hope to see one table only for better concentration, many tnx :)
  • Bedoze


    A little bit confusing sometimes but nice to hear about some math concepts and reads, even if I disagree in some points!

    Good to think about how other good players reason!

    Thanks for the vid!
  • dbsane


    I liked it, but now i think i'm a worse player than i did b4... Think i mighta learned a little....Thanks for the video
  • sburglar


    that sounds like a kiwi accent, caresses the ear like cats fighting over rubbish bags, great vid, chur bro
  • EmmaBen


    Man, great vid. But i know feel like the worst player in the world. You really think nearly all your situations through. I guess I just need to keep practice
  • mouse89


  • adprocas


    nice video - I watched it while I played - nice to see how someone thinks while playing
  • Jesusitonsky


    good vid
  • dam14n


    where do u get the arrow highlighter?thanks
  • PaInIaM


    thanks for the vid
  • djbakero


    and how much did you win
  • mazistar


    66 - all in
    99 - bet one bb
    TT - fold
    AJ - fold

    strange tactic ;]

    you are so tight... You should by more loose if you want by better...
  • exoduzpoker


    many mistakes, only 2 tournaments won out of 6 due to suckouts...
  • hkf58


    Folding tens in cutoff... great player lol. Typical online TAG
  • VegasMark


    Nice one. Loved the session, well presented and look forward to seeing more soon.

    Great work
  • 96PokerKid96


    Mind a kettőtöknek igaza van a videóval kapcsolatban és tényleg hosszú távon nem elég jó ez a stratégia.
  • deVall3y


    lol video open to anyoen -> much fish reply.
    i love chenny's videos but unfortunately[chenny word] i watched all i got access to :(
    this video was very profitable[another chenny word] to me
  • gr1nd3r


    At 18:00.

    JTs is a call even by ICM.
  • foxymama0945


    nice vid you really fold all of could of had a gutshot stright with th pair of 66 the way that you are explaining sit an go good for the run i mean when your on the final table
  • newclear


    Waaaay too tight IMO.
  • newclear


    I mean, probably best strategy for the beginners, but wont go over 10% ROI with this way of playing...
  • Parasites


    Then you make a coaching video hot BRONZE shot...
    Wtf is wrong with you people? If you disagree on the coach's style , at least do it in a polite manner.
  • hossu666


    good lesson...
  • zhangwei083


    you are so good.jackson!!!
  • Titicamara


    nice. good job
  • decepticon77


    you ever had the same opponent on multiple tables and on each one all at the same time push all-in. max pressure from max donk
  • ruhlstables


    love the video i think it will help me thanks mate
  • zujalikus


    last table saves the day!!!
    good heads-up play, but before that is very tight :(
    i love to play agains the player like he is.
  • tga86


    nice video, i dont agree with some plays however he played the profitable ABC one =P
  • Lurk3r66


    Good video, i would guess that hes avoiding marginal decisions because he doesn't have time to think while 4 tabling, maybe I'm wrong :P

    This vid does a good job of teaching that you should play tight early and super aggresive later.. The heads up at the end play i really dislike, pushing preflop in position with 50%+ hands is only good if you have no idea what to do post flop lol..
  • holomilo


    are u sure u are +ev playing so tight? i prefer small balling approach to SNG.
  • suSmiF


    Nicely done sng review, keep it up!
  • AshaDasha


    New zealand accent?
  • Macanitas


    hey man you need to explain me why did u fold jj in the button, i mean even if u are a rock i expect at least a call in position, but u are " the teacher "...
  • moima1980


    i allways loose with jj...
  • k4m1l0z


    lol this was pretty bad, maybe i learned somethin but im afraid this could affect my decisions pretty bad
  • fshoumalibu


    tetszett a video, ezeknek es a strategia hatasara tournamenten 2. lettem egybol. nagyon sokat fejlodtem a jatekban es ez meg is latszott. thx pkrstrategy =)
  • jeroen12321


    Great video mate, enjoyed watching it.
  • vanessa85


    Very good video, thank you. Please make more of these.
  • vanessa85


    but i must say you lost many SNGs in push/fold stage with very bad cards...
  • sebastiaan12


    nice video
  • iPhold


    i love your GTA walpaper :'D..
    but i wanted to say, gread video!
  • fewri


    vnp I like this video
  • sigzauer


    haha:D ''and sunshine shows three pair'':D:D:D
  • RichyRich1989


    Nice, very useful :)
  • milandolejsky


    some moves are so strange
  • pibomarco1


    nice :)
  • maikii23


    very nice video, in particular heads ups play 5/5 :)
  • Reny77


    Video sucks, explanation sucks, language sucks... can't watch and look at this...
    U can't learn some noob with 4 sng's same time... and with noob coach on strange accent LOL
  • MoneyCraving


    @Reny77 your way too cocky or too good to be on here bro, if you better than him go cash out why waste time here, don't sound too cooky its not nice even if your good bro. See you at the main event Renny, im gonna be there with the same name at the bottom.

    @topic : nice vid, very usefull comments here and there. Good for lil cash and lil stress. Strong tatics. Long run winner.

    signing off

    Phuc ''mc'' Nguyen
  • JanGu


    nice video!
  • chipstalkr


    interesting stuff, whats the bet im on his list
  • chipstalkr


    damn my bad wrong 1
  • akamps47


    tightest player ever wow buddy play a hand
  • obrutmaster


    This guy play money poker, but not artistic poker, we always like to outplay our oponents but in long run, this isn't a profitable poker! I agree with most of his tactics.
  • b1zzz


    why fold the tens? upper left table, flat it and ship the flop...
  • hammerinn6


    nice video;) thx
  • TikaMas


  • kadri7


    That K6o was very bad I think.. He limped with trash every time and I dont think he steal raises with trash 5x. It was obv that he had a pocket pair. But rest of the video was great. GG!
  • baghead


    what stakes do you normally play this vid made me feel so much better about my game 72 short stacked into big stack? what's that all about giving up before the end!
  • kikizazo


    there is no way u fold jacks in the buttom to one raise.. its either a call or a shove!
  • dragan85


    i dont understand your game, but if it works for you go for it
    thx for vid :)
  • klaptoo


    wahta nittt !!!!!
    i saw your graohics -- and i saw that u r a big looser, not proftable.
  • nakurenij


    nice :)
  • nikaimar


    Very nice strategy,(bad luck).
    Was playing ABC long time and there was not really much profit at SNGs.
    This strategy is winning for multi table gamers >4 .
  • nutzing2010


    yah whats ever LOL
  • agadyz


    nice video! TY
  • bmanuela


    You kind of stink at this game bro, i think you are on the top of my list of worst player, you`re trying to play with the guide in front of you in online poker. I think you should cashout what you have.
  • elelefante19788


    yo creo que fue muy positivo
  • thorisson


    ty nice video
  • Ivanius7


    Bullshit. Fold with queens before the flop. Would never do that
  • flap2a


    awesome thanks for that
  • MinisterB


    According to pokertableratings this guy is a big loser. -1.07 BB/100 and 2k in the hole. What qualifies him to give lessons?
  • silicaru


  • nedelce


  • cekpirus88


    The video is useful but he folds JJ after a mini raise and he goes all inn with 10 8 of. I think something has to review here...
  • cekpirus88


    actually I think that
    Fixed Limit video is much much better :)))
  • BigAl123456


    on the 9s Vs Regfish, how come you Folded the Turn after saying that he dosent donk A or 10, because if you think he cant have a A or 10 on the Flop then he cant have it on the Turn?...So if you are folding do you think he has J-Ks?
  • chenny8888


    @BigAl123456: how many minutes in?

    @lots of people: don't be such haters ;)
  • Slim1805


    The video is great, but for beginners takes some getting used to the speed of commentary! Will get there though, keep at it is the motto.
  • thebatsman


    Good video as usual Chenny..apreciated
  • Mickeymano


    Think the video was interesting but a little to hard to follow properly. The lesson I see here is the same as you will see from most commentaries. Profitability comes from getting your money in first.
    I think for online play I will try adjusting to this style of avoiding the flops. I evaluate flops better than most but this should not be relied upon. I will keep it as backup and try this out. Thanks Chenny
  • Cussa


    probably...its good that u learn sng this way...good for me :DDD
  • jimmy99x


  • jimmy99x


    n1 . i think 4 tables is enough.
  • doktordiversity


    great vid but the 66 all in 6 handed 13 bbs? risk ur whole stack for the blinds at if called at best 50/50. little loose in later stages
  • polarvilla


    grow some balls
  • chenny8888


    we should try to grow a bankroll first!
  • nikasvan


    thanks very much very helpful video very good insights thanks keep uploading ;)


    lo, that was way too tight
  • belsoNq


    This video is Ev -
  • chenny8888


    probably most 5 year old videos aren't the greatest.
  • xiv


    Nice old video
  • boumiii


    super interessant
    super erklärung dankeeeeeeeeeee
    superr videoooo
  • invictus11


    Много полезно видео.
  • aloureiropt


    gooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooo
  • Apenshin


    Nice one. Loved the session, well presented and look forward to seeing more soon.