Setting and reaching goals - Part 1

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In our new psychology series Lisa gives you a guide on how to tackle the psychological challenges you face as a poker player. The first part teaches you how to change your lifestyle and mindset to reach your goals.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first part of our new psychology series!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • DonDur


  • JohnTheGreatest


    can't wait for the next part!

    thank you! =)
  • luvmeluvme


    when will the tilt no more series from siete start?
  • Jonas


    @4 We don't have a release time for that yet. But he is working on it.
  • 36bullets


    excellent video! :) I couldn't wait for the succeeding videos
  • Ajkula88


    This video changed my life! :P
    No, seriously, great video! When's the next comming out??
  • sufix645


    gotta try that everest first thing.
    Im rly at the point of life were I need to change my way of life, so I hope this will work well.. Thanks!
  • Schmitten


    Shakaaaa! Yes, u can!
  • Zemnieks11


    really great video, thanks for inspiration :)
  • antoniocalado


    great video...congratulations
  • antoniocalado


    i just have to say that this video will change my life forever. I cant wait for next one.
  • Cornie4ever


    Very nice one! I noticed that excellent poker players set the goals for months and a year! And they write it down.. Imagine first and do it!
  • PJohnson


    Nice vid, thanks.
    Are all those instructional vids going to be recorded in British accent? No offence, I just find American accent more clear.
  • drmikeB


    Can't wait for the rest of this series, well done!
  • Ajkula88


    British accent is way better.
  • clawindsouza


    great video:) cant wait to see the next one..
  • PJohnson


    I <3 Graz
  • JazBenz


    I find it funny how the law of karma is mentioned here, without being called law of karma! Mind tricks =P
  • JazBenz


    regarding mount everest... thats how i played 2 bonuses so far, i calculated how many average points i have to reach each day to finish the bonus in time... and so it was a grind, but at last today I finished it 2 days before it expired :)
  • JazBenz


    starting at 9:50 Im just amazed how alike psychology and spirituality are nowadays.
  • tofu22


    Just what i needed, i think. Lisa, love your voice.
  • Indahaus


    I found it very useful. Waiting for more good advices in second part!
  • shipit2menow


    nice vid.
  • KingJoe75


    very nice series
  • jbpatzer


    Was about to scale Everest, but realized it was my turn to make breakfast for the kids. Then foolishly agreed to play Monopoly with them in the afternoon. May just have to take a picture of Everest instead. I'm told you can get internet access on Everest now though, so at least I'll be able to get some work done when I get up there.
  • JohnyPoker


    Excellent video!
  • Pikfrik


    nice one
  • MizrblOldSod


    Very good! Thank You! I'm grateful to Eminescu500 for linking this to his blog. Not only I'm sure this'll help me with my poker but all of this applies to other areas of life as well. I'm very eager to get to work right away. I have the whole evening to finish a project that has been on hold since last spring due to my habit of postponing things. Yeah! Change, tiger! :)
  • fuerstIN


    I really like that Video :)
    Im really looking forward for the next Part of the Series :)
  • LGrant


    Thank you so much for all your comments, the other parts are being worked on and will be released soon.

    keep your comments coming !
  • Konti23


    That was really inspiring! Gonna play FIFA now, but tomorrow I'll do Everest first... seriously! ;-)
  • Terminatorchief


    great video.
    lol @#32.
  • Sasa1234


    very nice video, I'll probably watch it few times
  • LGrant


    Hi everyone,

    Our apologies, the series was given Silver status by mistake, it has now been changed to Basic where it should be.

    kind regards

  • AcesBreaker


    Perfect video.... when will be another part ?
  • AdamLaw33


    this is good, thanks..
  • soarenick


    I really like this a lot;) I look forward for your next video
  • Natrilis


    Very nice video , waiting for others ;)
  • shr5shr5


  • cozaro


    nice vid!
  • AbecedarAZ


    Thanx for making this video, is great and i need it :)
  • RGOD2


    I am such a Ditz I started in a non chronological order, Story of my life .Part 2 to part 3 and Back to the Start. so revise Revise Revise
  • RGOD2


    Every time you Jump you Fight Gravity.
  • llucks


    Awsome content.
  • pogodon


    if this was facebook id click like this
  • obrutmaster


    Awsome! Very motivating thing!
  • memphis21


    one of the best things here at
  • Alvaro2011


    Motivating but in life, not only in poker!
  • justkyle88


    That was easily the most inspiring video I have seen.
    EVEREST 2MORO!!!!!
  • AlCaTrAzzALZ


    rofl @ all the people who are inspired to climb everest... tommorow ;)

    harden up guys, go climb it NOWWWWWW~!~!!!!!!!
  • sunden


    nice one, looking forward for the others :=)
  • wimNP


    Is this lady English?
    She speaks so fast she must be french!
  • asketak


    I have been climbing on thousands of mountains everyday my whole life. Few moths ago i realized that this is not the optimal way how to solve problems and now i see this.... :D
  • Harnas31


    it's geat
  • Harnas31


    great :)
  • hudini80


  • moveon123


    very nicely done thank you for your time spent on this video
  • TheRecruiter


    This video is excellent and every bit as relevant to your work/family life, as well as poker.

    At work tomorrow, I am going to do my everest.

    Thanks for this.
  • rogal27


    very nice video, thanx
  • jawoftheox


    Very very interesting :)