Move it, move it up to the sky - Part 6

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $50
  • Shorthanded
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In part 6 of "Move it, move it up to the sky" TwiceT continues his 4-tabling live session on NL25 and NL50.


Live Video Move it move it up to the sky series

Comments (26)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy part 6 of Move it, move it up to a sky!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Tahigwa


    solid content as always from twicet.
    I predicted his win in league of champions and won a PS Hoodie!

    Continue ur good work and keep on running hot.
  • Nikinho9


    great video as always from twicet
  • BadBoy1989


    the only one thing that movie learn is how to spew moeney on left and right, call 3bet 98s just great idea, stack off 99 just brilliant nothing more to say. I was unable to finish watching this movie, one of the worst productions that TwiceT ever made, so many maniac and spewish play on such a low limits this crap doesnt learn us anything
  • Maniac81


    This video shows how you get completely owned as a maniac against Regulars
  • SanWogi


    ... says the Maniac ;-)
  • HaensWoerst


    i like ur thoughts but still i think its not nesessary (and im also not sure if its profitable) to play that loose on these limits. from my experience u can achieve solid winrates with a tight approach especially on NL25.
  • Orochimaro


    nice video man....
  • Adapter1337


    #9 Orochimaro, 17 Nov 10 02:58

    I think that idea is to show new ideas how to loose up your game, not that you copy 100% this style.
  • SalamiSchinken


    loved the review with the HM at the end
  • boyanbozhidarov


    hey Twice,
    table selection
    table selection
    table selection
    table selection
    table selection
    ..... nice vid anyway :)
  • Ichmacheeuchplatt


    bad stack off with kings, after that one i closed the video... u play too aggressively for this limit, open raising any hand from button, 3 xbetting too light like 2/4 or higher.
  • maphacks


    i dont think there is any reason to flame here..its kinda interesting to see somebody playing like a monkey on 25 and 50 :D. if u want to see some standard (ofc very good) videos, watch hasenbraten..
    the only thing which i think is a bit overplayed is the 99 hand as u say it yourself. u could possibly do it if hes also very loose but at that time he looked quite nitty and allthough if he sees your stats i think hes way to scary to push sth like 88,77 or maybe AQ.
    i think its not the best style here but i still like it in general :)
  • i5bet72o


    ak=100% standard imo
    99=questionable vs nit, prob better vs agro reg
  • TwiceT


    sry for loose style ladies. next video will maybe be played 21/18 ;)

    anyway, i am convinced, this style with my postflop experience will show a bigger winrate (bb/100) than a "standard tag styles". ofc, i wont ever get a big enough sample size in on those limits to prove that. still, i am convicned.

    however, i agree i probably need to adjust slightly cuz most ppl probably dont adjust and the 99 shove was too loose (although we saw TT here, which he probably wouldnt play that way vs 90% of opponents. so we already saw some adjustments, not rly sure what he does w/ AQ here and how much bluff frequency he has .... just saying its spew is not enough. rly not easy to determine his frequencies given my playing style ....

    overall i def agree there might be better standard vids out there (i heard hasenbraten does a great job in those).

    my whole live/poker approach is "do it differently than all the others". i believe in beeing different :P

    so even if u dont like my vids, maybe some of my unconventional llines/plays give u ideas how to change your own game at least a tiny bit.


    I def like your vids best. I like the style and love to see something different than ABC on those limits. I obviously cant play that way yet, I play the 21/18 you mentioned, but I see so many interesting lines, plus I love the bluff catches, and those I'm already doing :P

    Thanks TT, keep the vids coming ;)
    And expect my candidacy for TTT in february, when I'll have more free time :P
  • Eminescu500


    Video it's not working from min 6. It's just @ me?
  • nokija


    u mean diferent, are u gay?lol
  • blackops888


    I really like the monkey style in regards of open-raising, though I still think you 3-bet too light for those limits. Post-flop and beyond I think you play great for NL25/50.
  • Fetta


    great stuff as always
  • Lonli


    Very much like ur approach, solid content! I very much appreciate more videos like this, cuz the learning factor is very high. Some small adjustments to the nitty NL25 limit would be fine.

    Maybe not everybody (me included) is mature enough yet for that advanced stuff, but after all there are enough other abc style videos out there.
  • Pichux


    Gotta agree to the most comments about beeing overly aggro on NL25. I think it could be working much better on NL50 already tho. One thing that i definetly saw different in these two episodes, was that suddenly there appeared such a term as "blockers" :D Remember someone talking about after the WSOP or LOC and after watching these last two vids i just can't disagree.

    Just for the heads-up, i never heard term "blocker" on the four previous episodes of Move it, Move it. :)
  • m3ofl4m


    I realy like your style. Good job TwiceT
  • monkee1980


    (last comment01.12.10..whatever)I like the style very much too..kinda reminds me of my own..tho I`d fold a lil less (call more) here and ther for implieds(which is one of my leaks I guess)
    I like how you bring dynamic to the table with a "loose" aggro style and I think playing different is a good possibility to generate proft from a table especially when youre able to switch to a TAGstyle here and there for a while when people start to "tilt"...
  • vibreaza


    I really like your vid and style, I can find myself in it. I also constantly put pressure on tags, the keyword is to have a very aggressive image.
  • FailOMatic


    TwiceT, Don't let people talk you down.

    This video was close to superior.
    Seriously I agree with all your decisions there. Maybe the 99 was a really close spot but the rest of the video every hand is played very nicely.

    Keep producing please! :D