Introducing Cake Poker 2.0

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hasenbraten introduces smaller poker sites and networks, in this video Cake Poker. He talks about their VIP program, their software and anything else you need to know.


CakePoker Introducing Cake Poker 2.0

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  • caaaadiiiii


    El bono se desbloquea de 5$ en 5$, no de 10 en 10.
  • Fetta


    this actually looks great and very user friendly, if only they didn't forbid HM I'd definitely be playing there. Actually it looks better than partypoker.
  • MrPaulsen


    Still no mac client :((
  • Wizzzl65


    min 2:32

    you can clear the bonus in 5$ steps
  • pablomeza


    Wish he had adressed multitabling in the video...
  • pollentier


    Is there a tile-tables button?

    Great video btw, convinced me about cake!
  • Dendra


    cake poker is def. one of my fav. simply because you cant use hud there :D I plan to play there, so these videos are really cool and useful :)