Limit Omaha8 - Episode 1

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rainmantrail fires up Universal Replayer to share some limit omaha hi/lo hands recently played. He covers important concepts like squeezing with 2 way hands and quartering.


hand history review Limit Omaha8

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  • CBFunk


  • Guesswhat


    Oh, no! Only for goldies ;)

    So it's time for me to generate some rake for PS :)
  • dumBBass


    Greetings from russian community. Forgive me my english in advance, im not very good at it.

    Nice vid as usual, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @24:00 - why do you call with jacks-up and 2nd lo draw on flop in 7-way pot facing 2-bet? The hand has so little nut outs that already may be dead. Middle hands both ways in multipot are not so good, as you suggested later when guy lost with AA3* on 864 board. Your hand is obv better, but not great. And there is a possibility that there would be more raises on the flop.

    @50:00 You folded AK3 suited. Versus mentioned range of raiser in early position, your hand has 45%. Its not the 'dominated' hand in the holdem sense, equities are often close to each other. You have position on him and the information about his range. Fold seems really really bad to me. And let us not be result-oriented here.
  • taschendamenfalter


    very good explanations
  • GetTheFunkOut


    Min 20: Is it possible that everyone who saw the showdown except for you played that whole hand unbelievably bad, especially multiway? I don´t think calling down the idiot straight (with 75) can be any good, the preflop-play is pretty bad, too (imho, but i´m not the most experienced player in the world ;-)

    Is that the normal skill level on 2/4, or did you just select very well? If that´s usual, I should start focussing on that game, there might be a lot of value in it even by just playing tight. Some of these players just played extremely sloppy.

    Min 36: Would you always raise that hand (AAQJ), no matter how many opponents you have? Let me ask it more general: Are strong hi-hands better in multiway-pots? My thought is that if there already are some limpers, it looks like they´ve got weak A2, A3, maybe stronger 23 hands and that they are willing to see the flop as cheap as possible and will often split their lo-half so that hi-hands are stronger because they rarely split. Right or wrong? ;-)

    Anyway, very nice video, as always :-D

    Greetz, GetTheFunkOut
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: 24:00 - I chose to call here for 3 reasons.
    1. No one raised pre flop which makes it less likely (although not unlikely) that someone has A2.
    2. The flop was pretty dry - J64 rainbow doesn't help very many hands or provide many draws. Therefore Jacks and 4s is a considerably better hand than it would be on other flops.
    3. The player on the button's raise doesn't have to mean much. He can easily be isolating with position to drive out the 4 players left to act.

    With these three factors combined, I think we can safely call the raise here. You don't have to have the nuts every time to show a profit. A strong enough two way hand still has value. This hand is just strong enough both ways.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: 50:00 - I think calling here would be a mistake. The 8d is not helping our hand out at all and our hand is very difficult to play post flop unless the flop comes out with 2 hearts and a deuce. We can't be confident in a pair of Kings, we're not really looking to pair the Ace and we don't want to chase A3 low if we don't have something good for the high hand. This hand is not nearly as good as it looks in this spot. I think your estimate of 45% equity is too high. Also, remember that 4 players have yet to act. We don't have good position, we just have position on the raiser.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: 20:00 - Yes, this is a HORRIBLY played hand by all the villains. They couldn't have played this hand any worse. However, this is pretty typical at these stakes. The skill level is rather low in these low stakes O8 games.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: 36:00 - I wouldn't say that I ALWAYS raise AAQJ, but I certainly raise it often. While you should know that other solid winning O8 players despise high only hands, I like them a lot. Remember, our goal is to win the whole pot. If the board doesn't bring a low (about half the time) then we stand a good chance to win the whole pot with a hand like AAQJ. Also worth noting, when we have several limpers, we can often assume that many of the low cards are in the players hands, which makes it less likely that low cards will come on board. Thus, our high hand increases in strength. That doesn't mean we want to start jumping in pots with any old high hand because there are lots of limpers, but it does increase the likelihood that a hand like AAQJ will see a favorable flop.
  • dumBBass


    Thank you for the answers.
    @7 RE: 24:00 ive got your point, fold would be lil' nitty.
    @8 RE: 50:00 i put villain on AAL*, Ac2c**, A2W* and Ah3hKs8d had 45%. If we narrowed his range, say AAW*, Ac2cW*, equity of Ah3hKs8d would go down to 37%. You was in CO, so its good position overall, not only versus openraiser. Maybe i exaggerated when said that fold was 'really really bad', but still i consider the call was a better option here.
  • SniffvsSnaf


    If the villians would always that stupid like they were in your hole video I could make a nice livin of poker :-D

    Nice Vid btw. How about PLO8 NLO8???
  • 2phil4u


    Finally some Omaha8 Limit Content.
    The games are very easy to beat in the very low stakes.
    I learn Fixed Limit and Omaha8 and Omaha8 is so much easyer to beat.