HU with TwiceT - Part 3

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $33
  • Heads-up
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Part 3 of TwiceT's SnG HU videos sees him playing four $33 tournaments on room Poker.


HU with TwiceT Live Video series

Comments (11)

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  • CBFunk


  • Fox999


  • Falco35


    mmm, makes me sad that I cant see TwiceT's vid. Time to move up limits and become Gold :)
  • peche025


    'maybe he was just watching tv and saw some funky shit' lol great series TT
  • santostr


    'get some good Karma.. nope, 58o' LOL
  • variancekiller


    is $55 and $109 gonna be gold aswell? very nice serie
  • Gugi19


    Nice videos, I've started with HU SNG, but I play deep stack SNG. Is there much difference and do you recommend short stack more?
  • Eosandar


    hey TT,
    nice video, but I have one question.
    Why do you minraise preflop instead of 3bb?
  • TwiceT


    i recommend deep stack more. the deeper the stacks, the bigger the edge.
    i just play party (with these short stacks) cuz its my fun and video producing site ;)

    i would open 3bb if it was a deeper format. but since u play alw below 50bb, i have better pot/stack ratio and can use my postflop edge when openraising 2bb. just gives me more room postflop.
  • Falco35


    Nice vid-think the TT Hand is boarderline. Villain was getting more aggresive and so i could understand it.
    What do you think about shoving the hand(turn)?! I know nothing could call what we beat but maybe for protection
  • goldchess


    11:18 J5o is an easy push, its in the Nash range and he's not shown any light calls whatsoever