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  • Flopper8


    This is an excellent idea... I can't think of any better method to help players improve/compare their gamethought processes - other than thru hard work ofcourse... What about a session review with the usual suspects>.?.
    Anyway, I gotta go - have a lotta grinding to do if I'm ever actually gonna get to see this :(
  • liseiris


    very great idea
  • Nitlib


    #2, if only the audio was a little better ;)
  • hasenbraten


    audio is bad coz its just teamspeak unfortunately :/
    i really laughed when galam expected tribun to coldcall AQ, AK JJ or QQ in the last hand coz i would actually bet money onto the fact he would 4bet all of them preflop 4 value :)
  • gyulter


    nice funny video :)
  • Gerv


    Its really interesting unfortunately its for Gold so :(
    is the TeamSpeak Codec 25 kbit?(highest)
  • Lunkan


    audio isn't that big of a deal, you can easily hear what you say atleast...=) but it's a very good idea! keep it up
  • Talic


    more more!
  • Breakwater


    You shore thats English there speaking, I cant understand any of it, Pitty,it's a good idea
  • goryan1


    В чем суть?