The Diamond party in Cologne (LQ)

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The Diamond event in Cologne brought a great number of PokerStrategists, Coaches, Mods and other staff of together at one table, all within a rustic setting. The video team was also present, and presents to you now the video of the event.


The Diamond party in Cologne

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  • murschi


    fETT alTA!
  • murschi


    wie ist der name vom song?^^
  • genesis22


    #2 kings of leon radioactive
  • Banderas89


    ...напомнило не Диамант-пати в шикарном ресторане, а собрание учеников в школьной столовке =)
  • StrangerNsk


    for the guys from Cologne:
    just look at this
  • Falco35


    coole Nummer
  • Aerox88


    wer is die pik 4? diamond?
  • RGOD2


    Great soundtrack . I definately need to improve my german .
    So at my current level, everything will be an improvement .I hope alot does not get lost in translation .