HU with TwiceT - Part 4

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55
  • Heads-up
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TwiceT plays several $55 Heads up SnG's in Part 4 of his series. In it he plays against a German, a Brit (twice) and a Swiss.


HU with TwiceT Live Video series

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  • CBFunk


  • knoodie


    Die 55er könnt ihr ruhig mal auf Gold stellen.

    Gerade weil man HU Sngs nicht mit >100BIs spielen muss, gibt es eingie leute, die vielleicht regulär NL50-100 spielen udn damit gold werden, trotzdem aber noch ab und zu ein $55 HU sng spieln und sich da weiterbilden wollen...
  • Fox999


    lol nooo platin is super:-)and that i say independent from the fact that i am platin:-)
  • igor4141


    good job Twice)
  • Zemnieks11


    gold status scuks
  • icanhazit


    ahhh, gvie cashgame. no need sng :p
  • Jan217


    Is it often the case that the later parts of a series require higher statuses? Or is this a special case of some kind? Anyway I am really enjoying this series, has inspired me to start a few HU sngs myself. :D
  • PashaK


    OMG, only $55 and Platinum required :(
  • alejandrosh


    @7: it has to go higher if it's a series from the lolstakes to the mid/high stakes

    still platinum for a $55 is way too much, independent from the fact that I'm platinum :D
  • tMHs


    lol why platin? make it gold plz
  • A1cho


    Great video! Oh and just a friendly advice for TwiceT. You should press enter to send a smiley next time ;)
  • Falco35


    Im am bit late^^, but a nice vid! I like your HU SnG vids even if youre not playing them anymore and sometimes your ReShoving Range is a, dont know the english word. Ein bischen holprig, eingerostet. haha
    But just a little bit, and not a big deal.

    min 18:30 77
    its really a taff spot. I paused the video and tought about it a few minutes. And its reeeeally close. And I would call, or maybe ReShove. He could have some BDs, maybe BDs+pair. But its an ugly spot vs unknown. I think the Fold is also okay. Sure, it looks bad and we feel owned when he shoves the bluff.

    Anyway, would be nice if youre producing some new HU SnG vids. Go Go TT :)
  • Falco35


    and were blocking some of the hands he could have. Dont know if this is good or bad? Imo that makes it more polarised to 6x or ? hm, such an ugly spot vs unknown^^