PokerStars Midstakes - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Somnius plays some midstakes at PokerStars, choosing 2 tables of NL400 6 max.


Live Video PokerStars PokerStars Midstakes series

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  • CBFunk


  • Puscherbilbo


    backgroundnoise is annoying.
  • anko1


    backgroundnoise is annoying.
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    Normally such things don't bother me too quickly, but the backgroundnoise is just too annoying to watch this video, especially because you have to put the volume up to understand your quiet voice :(
  • Pharaoh23


    -at minute 5:12 you raise his C-bet more than 4x
    dont you think this is a little bit too big to keep in the weaker portion of his range there?
    -at minute 20:58 you nearly minraise villains turnbet, you think the sizing does influence his calling/rebluffing range there in some ways? i'd like to know what your thoughts were in this hand
  • Somnius


    Sorry about the sound quality lately everyone, took some experimentation to get things working smoothly here in Thailand.

    #5 - 5:12 - no, my raise size probably won't influence his playback range much esp considering hes oop.

    20:58 - it's a board where he can call with a pretty wide range. The flop action keeps our ranges wider, the wider his range on the river the more profitable the inevitable river bluff will be.

    #6 - as mentioned, if you look at the dates, pretty much most of that was 2 years ago during a certain real life situation.

    I'm doing just fine on the tables thank you, if you're offering me your coaching services or that of one of your friends I respectfully decline.

    I'm enjoying a sufficient level of prosperity from todays games, I do appreciate your concern though :)
  • Shevtshenko


    Content was good. As said before, those software sounds just have to be switched off while recording. It's just horrible to be forced to listen that noise.