roomPoker Midstakes - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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Sominus plays a 2 table live session and gets into some intresting spots at the NL400 tables on roomPoker


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by somnius!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • demarco114


    wow, nice video, really good gameflow analysis
  • dhw86


    1:40 and later: i saw you defend lots of crap hands vs minsteals.
    what were your thoughts about loosing up that much, isn't that just spew?

    3:10 - with the small flop bet you can induce light calls and so floats on the turn, i think the turncall is fine, but the river must be almost always for value, given your turncall.
    so i think call turn, fold river is best.

    4:20 - i think c/r turn with the KK hand is a little bit overplayed. bet again or c/c is good.

    what would you have done if the would have bet the T on the river? considered betsizes and timing.

    40:35 - why did you made such a small 3bet (considering the fish calls that very light and you dont hit the flop just in 30%) and 5bet?

    left table: why do you bet the flop as the squeezer checks? think he wont call many worse hands, i would check back.

    folding preflop to the big squeeze should be finde too i think, he wasn't that active before.

    42:25 - think rivercheck with AA makes no sense like you said.
    think even the overshove in that spot if sine, but in many many other situations a normal vbet is better (even better balanced).
  • Tenebrus


    36:00 JJ left table. What for is the bet on the turn, only to take it down? Because I do not see worse hands c/c the turn.I do not see Fd c/c there maybe TT,99 which hopes you give up on the river when the Fd busts.
  • Somnius


    1:40 - maybe, depends hard to say in a vacuum

    3:10 - folding turn is probably best considering I don't think he expects us to fold.

    4:20 - likely fold

    40:35 - pretty indifferent to the size. yeah sure maybe can get more value but even if we dont hit 2:1 spr IP with AK against a fishy opp can't be all that bad...

    I think I can get value.

    Think his range is wide enough for a call.
  • Somnius



    player dependant. confident I'm ahead here, 1/2 pot turn should be able to get some value. not expecting a cr.