7 Tips On How to Become a Successful Fixed-Limit Player

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LGrant presents a short guide on how to use the content of Pokerstrategy.com to become a better Fixed-Limit Player.


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  • FishermansFriend


  • Tahigwa


  • gringomringo


    very clever
  • Dimikcus


    I feel... like I got this. Now Im going to success!
  • madei26




    lol #4 i'm feeling the same rush as you


    one of the small little things i have to overcome now in order to become is the situation where i have ak or a pocket against opponent havin pocket or ak , in which the house take the rake and players get only emotions, frustations and a diminishing account.
  • slither020


    HEH thats funny i cant understand becuse i cant focus becuse of the chips on the corner all i can think off is i want that chips
  • datsmahname


    A camera man in the computer? Neat trick PokerStrategy...