Setting and Reaching Goals - Part 10

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In the last part of the series you will learn about what a "break block" is, how to identify it, and how to reach the "flow sate".


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  • FishermansFriend


  • m3ta


    Description is wrong.
    "... what a "_break_ block" is..."
  • datsmahname


    I really enjoyed this series. Is there any chance a biweekly coaching session could be made available to help people work on the various topics explored throughout this series?
  • SvenBe


    He datsmahname,
    it is really hard to address personal problems and aims in a coaching series. Right now we rather recommend to use the 'Ups, Downs & Psychology'-subforums to talk about specific psychology-topics - later on we might reconsider offering a coaching if we experience increased demand for it.
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  • Phil2


    Very good series of vidéo. This thing change my life. Thanks.
  • dolugar


    Just 2 words: Thank you.
  • RGOD2


    Great advice , i love all the mechanical Analogies , I have Been driving with the HandBrake up for too long , " then again I move so fast that I have to be Handicapped ." > LOL
  • RGOD2


    Great words of Inspiration , Love all the mechanical analogies . I Guess My handbrake was still up when i was driving .The again some People Move so fast that they have to be Handicapped .
  • RGOD2


    First comment did not Post , so I tried to retype it from short term memory , she How they subtly Differ ?
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!
  • chatoman


    Very nice serie, I'm from Colombia and this is in spanish as well, but the voice, the volume, the speed and everything, makes it way better in English... Congratulations!