PLO HU with TwiceT and suitedeule - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $100
  • Heads-up
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TwiceT and suitedeule team up to introduce you to the mysteries of Heads - up PLO. In the first part of their series suitdeule plays a session with TwiceT in the co-pilot seat.


FullTilt Live Video Multicoach PLO HU with TwiceT and suitedeule

Comments (17)

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  • Fox999


  • Tahigwa


    Hey TwiceT! You finally changed your welcome words. no more heyho ladys anymore?!
    It feels like i beat you in a big pot there. :-)
  • Kojika


    Great Video. Looking forward to the next ones !

    Would love to see you playing either a really tough player or a "maniac".

    Last hand was funny as hell.
  • fusionpk


    really enjoyed this vid ty
  • hhpettersen


    Nice video, gj.
  • Hannen82


    nice one! more!
  • Genius91


    donk donk donk in his face


    Nice video GG
  • Justgame


  • ToTHarty


    no money in plo.. :(
  • AndrewFTP


    You can not play ... You go all in
  • Thormtos91


    Somewhere early on in the match (or maby half way) you turned your set into a bluff at the river. He c/r the turn and bet the river where you put him on the second (i think, could be third) nutstraight and moved all-in repping the nutstraight.

    Would you, know that you know he is passive, still do that?

    And in general with this kind of opponents. I think when they are passive they are inclined to call more with second (and third) nutstraight than someone who is bet/folding more often.
  • GintsG


    guys you rock! TY. Very educational and interesting. :)
  • Gex222


    niceeeeeeeeeeee =] TwiceT nice reads , very well played.Gr8 video ,thx guys !
  • riwan1


    suitedeule, why did you can't stop clik ( all time ) ?!!!

    have you got a crazy finger ? or an agressive mouse ?
  • bj355


    LOL at the push at the end.