NL $1k SSS Session Review

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
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Session Review

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  • misic81


    can anybody teel me which softw2are is on ther table use they?(that show agresion,went to showdawn....itc)
  • xarry2


    poker ace hud is the software displaying your stats on the tables
  • aaltvater


    min 13:00 aqo maybe you can check raise this flop, he is very showdown bound and you also can give a free card on this board, since its not that drawy, and he has to bet small pockets to protect them and maybe he also folds 88-tt on a checkraise.

    min 19:30 ATo easy isolation raise you talk about postflop room for moves.. you don't need any room you are way ahead against his range and he is nearly allin when he calls your preflop raise.

    min 25 kjs what you think about a minreraise preflop to get the initiative and also maybe some Fold equity you can also consider a fold when he pushes over your minreraise.

    min 28 you talk about if its possible to push you ako i definitely don't like this play, since the fish has a tight opening range and when eurotrip is no fish you will also not run good against his 3bet range. Especially since eurotrip does not have this much fold equity because ibrahim is very short stacked. when you push over eurotrip ibrahim will most likely call because of the pot odds.

    min 32 aqs what you think about check raising this flop against an aggressive opponent to give him the chance to bluff, you are allin on this board anyway a free card didn't hurt you and so you sometimes can extract more value.
  • xarry2


    @ 13: could be a possibility. but i usually don't c/r very often as pfa. imo the line bet/fold with 1/2 potsize bet is most appropriate. for the c/r he is imo too passive. and I don't think he'll fold that much. (but c/r would be better as played)

    @ 19:30 imo not totally easy, because i only had about 20 hands so far from him. it is of course easy if the stats are true but with 20 hands they can say all or nothing. imo i explained why i folded the hand - not much info. since he showed K5o afterwards ... i will raise him quite loose :)

    @ 25: i don't like mRR, 1 i give good odds, 2 i have to give up my hand equity/playability if he reraises and imo a call is just perfect with this hand. through my position and the good playability its so easy to play profitable. if you don't want postflop play the mRR (if well balanced) is imo possible. but i always like postflop :)

    @ 28: as I said ibrahim showed UTG raises like JTs before. so the total pfr of 6% does not only include the top 6%. thats very important if you play against bad players. now, i only said, if I knew more about the reraiser (who could be a tag exploiting his "stupid" raising range) I think a reraise with AKo is profitable. but I folded because I miss this information.

    @ 32: yes, thats a good alternative!
  • nam4ka


    alvateer how the hell u have seen the video without beeing a diamond member ?
  • allizdoR


    i think xarry played every hand ok! i didn't like to make a c/r against unkwon or fishy players on the flop. and a made hand mostly call a c/r because they get round about 2:1 for a hand with sd value.

    the last hand with a7s..... i would never calculate my pod odds with a fd + 1oc when i get c/r ;)

    but the same think, that i mentionted in the last video comments. try to talk a bit liquid

  • pumpingPOKER


    GOOD VID!!!