Secrets of Rush Poker - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Fullring
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Welcome to the first part of the Video series Secrets of Rush Poker by Cornie4ever. The video gives you advice on how to beat nl200 fullring Rush. In the first part you will learn the key principles that are essential for your success at these games.


FullTilt hand history review Rush Secrets of Rush Poker series Theory Video

Comments (62)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first video by cornie4ever on nl200 FR Rush!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Ratatuj


    Will you make SH-Rush?
  • Cornie4ever


    @2 - if there is a demand, why not. I could do it together with pleno1, he plays more SH. there is also chenny´s rush vid to be released this week. Otherwise I am FR specialist so I focus more on FR, so the next 2 vids will be on FR. But then can focus on SH as well :-)
  • andybandy008


    FR is fine!!!

    great stuff

    well done

    can´t wait to see the other parts
  • QSlavaQ


    Very good video! Thank you!


    Hello Cornie,

    AKo Hand:
    I like the analysis, but I think not every assumption you made is correct.
    1. He will bet his underpairs as bluff if you check - A not thinking spazzy player will maybe fire thru here but usually he should realise that you ALWAYS play C/C on that board and that at least 2 times.
    2. He will bet his Pair+Gutter Hands - why in the world should he bet those on the flop? Again if he is a thinking Reg he will almost always check back realizing what your range is. Then you could bet turn and get one street because he will most likely fold to a riverbet if he doesnt have Ax. The other way around if you cbet you could get 2 streets of value on flop and turn when he has a pair+gutter IP.

    These are just two assumptions you made that I disagree with. So the whole analysis is not quite correct and therefore the consequence might not be either. But I like the way you approach it for sure.
  • viktoriya777123


    Great video! Waiting for some more from you, thx :)
  • MinBetDonk


    release after 1 year!?
  • Cornie4ever


    @ 4,5,7 - thx, makes me motivated to produce more :-)

    @6 Hi man, thx for opinion :-) I would agree with you in case he is very good player. In case he is good, he would think the same way as you posted, but majority of players obv are not that good and they just try to take down pot on flop. Also, he may think I am on JJ, any pairs + gutter etc.

    And he is very agressive, AF7 on flop means these guys will almost always bet if you check to them. I am superconfident he will turn underpair in the bluff very often.

    2) your second comment - yeah, this is close. But there are good arguments for betting, e.g. protect vs FD, see where he is in the hand, make the pot bigger if he hits etc. But yeah, if we assume he is a thinking reg, he can also check behind.

    But would thinking reg limp/call pocket pair preflop and be soo agressive post flop? :)
  • Cornie4ever


    @8 - Hi sir, that´s obv a typo, I´m still living back in the last year haha :) I was wondering if somebody is so attentive to spot it. So you have the first price! :)
  • Vitamin4eg


    переведите, пожалуйста это видео на русский!!!
  • notwist77


    Very nice video, thank you very much. Perhaps u can show more situations in exploiting opponents?
  • i5bet72o


    AK hand: if u include Axs in his range, a bet is much better, also i think even fish realize that they should check their marginal made hands when u c/c. I personally would only use this line if i knew my opponent was hyperagro.
  • i5bet72o


    JTs (bluff hand): I like second barreling b/c imo his range is 99-KK ALOT and when u second barrel u look soo much like AA that alot of regs will just give u credit and fold.
  • Cornie4ever


    @13 - Hi, thx for comments :-) I see what you mean but do not agree. I give him MUCH more combos of PPs than Aces.(look at the excel at combos). And with these PPs he knows he will never win showdown, plus he really IS hyperagro here, so he will just don´t resist the temptations of bet button :-) He limp/called preflop, he has no clue what c/c from reg means :-) let´s not assume he understands the gameflow as good as you do. he is just aggressive bad player

    btw in reality his gap between VPIP and PFR is around 4% so his range may be even only PPs from 22-99. so there it would be completely clear that c/c has much higher EV. I gave him wider range to show that even if half of his range are other hands than PPs, c/c line is still the best. And I mean by far the best...

    @14 - yeah, that´s true. It is also very well possible to bet turn as well. But I think he is not folding KK. And I want to (1) represent SD value by checking turn, (2) not to look like bluffing with multiple barreling, (3) bluff cheap, (4) see what he does on river and (5) I think I can still make him fold if I check turn. Personally I perceive check behind turn on this board even stronger than 2nd barrel.
  • Cornie4ever


    @11 - ja gavariju paruski ocen plocho :)

    @12 - next vid should be session review so there should be loads of hands to see. also some exploiting. but I think it is good to show the gameflow, as I do not play back on opponents too often. It is important how to do it, but I only choose the best spots for exploiting, where I know I have great read, understanding of situation and assess the likelihood of successful exploiting well. Good moves and bluffs are successful in more than 90% if you do not overdo it. Just do not overdo it. Then you lose credit and it is VERY big problem. Tight image is key
  • kolbaska3000


    nice game Cornie!
    waiting for next live-session episode!
  • i5bet72o


    maybe the opponents at 200 are different but i think your opponents see a checkbehind Turn, bet river as a weaker line (hence less FE) than a second barrel. Also when u 2nd barrel your opponents have to fear a third barrel while if they decide to call on the river they get to SD immediatly.
  • Snodreliss


    Really good video!
    I like the way you explain important factors to beat the game and then show not only one, but several hands how you do it.
  • Cornie4ever


    @18 - yeah, I agree. nl200 really is a bit different, check behind turn is quite strong there, like always very strong hand. people tend to Cbet flop + C/R turn a lot also as a bluff, so checking behind turn with strong hands happen a lot if you want to pot control a bit. plus - have you seen that I have a gutter there? so I want free card.

    But as I have already said - your line 2nd barrel turn is also very good. I just like checking back turn a bit more. But just a bit :-)

    @ 17, 19 - thank you guys :)
  • i5bet72o


    btw sorry for the critism about the individual hands. It was a very solid video.
  • RubishCube


    Guau nice video.Thanks for cornie and ps for open more my mind.
  • Cornie4ever


    @21 - no worries at all, I like your posts - it is enriching to see how others view the situations, especially valuable if I have different opinion. Always up for the discussion :-)

    @22 - hi man, you are welcome and thank you as well for feedback :)
  • TripleAceIRL


    very nice video!
  • intercect


    Gr8 video!
    I'm not playing NL200 myself, but took a shot at it now, and tried to apply everything u said. Worked out pretty awesome. :)
  • intercect


    And now i got the boring bronzstatus, once again. Hate not playing tracked.
  • i5bet72o


    55 hand (where u hit the str8): I would bet bigger on the Turn. I like your overbet on the river tho :)
  • miakes


    what happened at around 53k on graph? :)

    I really like your video!
  • i5bet72o


    shots at nl1K HU.
  • Cornie4ever


    @24- thank you, sir

    @ 25 - cool, glad to hear it helps you :) if you feel like sending some dividends, you know my nick :)

    @26 - so why not set up some smaller poker room with us just to make status? e.g. I´ve noticed there are really cool promotions and lots of strategy points through William Hill + weak players as a bonus

    @27 - yeah, that´s possible to make it bigger on turn :) I had him on QQ/KK and was afraid he can fold QQ if I make it close to pot size on turn (as it would make him expect another pot sized bet on river). And I exactly wanted him to call turn due to good odds and some hands he beats and then make him soo uncomfortable with overbet on river :-)

    @28 - yeah, as i5bet72o says, I was testing my skills on nl1k HU vs tim0thee one of the best players on FTP, report here
  • MJQuads


    Created: 3rd March 2010

    You mean 2011 right? I know it's 99% a typo, but a 2010 Rush video material would be...khm...prehistoric? :)
  • peche025


    great video, great intro!!
  • undersun8


    Very nice! I'm sorry I do not play rush. But anyway I will wait for sequel!
  • FishermansFriend


    I have nooo idea what you're talking about :):)

    It was a typo, removed, thanks for pointing it out.
  • VTomukas


    Definatelly SH Rush would be very nice :)
  • cutegoldfish


    is it that the sound is lagging behind the video? or just my computer?
  • Cornie4ever


    @34,36 - Hi, I think you damaged the timing while removing the typo :( can you please fix it back? thx for pointing it out cutegoldfish, it was ok before
  • pixinas


    Imho it's a awesome video that may very well help me to improve a lot.
    Tks Cornie4ever!
  • Hattori99


    Great video!
    Do you tinhk lim/call small PP in EP is a bad move?
    How do you play then? You just fold then, or raise as normal?
    The problem of raising is when you get 3bet and has negative odds to call. Or when you raise with your 66 PP and face a flop like Q94 and your opponent calls your CB. Most of time you will have to C/Fold turn or try a 2nd barrel, but you will be in a bad spot if called.
  • Cornie4ever


    Hi Hattori,

    yeah, on nl100+ that´s very bad.
    And it also limits your poker development. Read this article once more

    on nl200, the best game play with connectors is:
    1) open raise to 3bb from all positions. Preflop you are mostly open/folding like almost always. If you think that somebody 3bets too light, you can 4bet him.

    2) on flop you either Cbet (if there are cards to represent) or c/c if he is aggro and you think you are ahead or have draws. Or you just c/f.

    3). If he is notorious floater, you can Cbet flop and C/R turn as a bluff. Or c/c turn and c/c river to go for free SD.

    These are some of the more advanced options how you play post flop. If you don´t feel comfortable with that yet, then just open/fold preflop all the PPs. And on flop just Cbet good boards (you should also 2nd barrel turn sometimes) and somehow give up bad boards or defend them a bit. Always depends on other factors (as said in my video.)
  • Cornie4ever


    @ 36 - it is now ok again, should not lag. (the timing and video sequences got damaged accidentally on friday during the cut of typo on first slide, sry for that)

    @ 32,33,35 - thank you guys :-)
  • slimy3


    are you still calling if river would be:
    - any heart
    - K
    - J
  • Cornie4ever


    @42 - Hi slimy, my plan already from flop to river is to go to SD but I will carefully reconsider on every street.

    - I would call shove on river heart, unfortunately. That would be a pitty but I was not too afraid that he has 2 hearts, so I´d call and pay him off.
    - on K, I think he would check behind or bet smaller to get thin value, which I may happen to call but also can find a fold, depends on the sizing and momentum, but as I have him mostly on AK, I can fold.
    - on J river I have my moan but easily fold to his shove. (also 9x has a str8 now).
  • PokerSpass


    Very Good Video, better than CR :-)
    More please !
  • gover1980


    veri veri good!!!!!more:)
  • Cornie4ever


    CR pawnage obv! :) tu guys
  • miakes


    when can we expect another vid? I'm really excited about this series!
  • Cornie4ever


    I´m very busy now with the preparation of CZ/SVK community :) but will try to find time to speak the second part of this series over the weekend of 10th April
  • Devinco


    Very good one.Looking foreword to the next parts!
  • acceleration123


    Hearing your acent it was clear to me immediately that you are Czech too. lol
  • Cornie4ever


    @50 - yeah, hard to get rid of the strong czech "R" :) but that´s actually cool imo, no need to hide your accent of origin

    @49 - thank you, if only I had more time, the 2nd part would be already published.. :)
  • Yagrim


    Very nice video! I'm also looking forward to the next part :)

    One question though - I know balancing is not that a big aspect in Rush Poker, but how do you balance your overbets? Or don't you balance them at all?
  • yakuzamoon


    Just reached gold and this was the first video that i saw. :)
    I play micro limit, but i learned lot from this video, especially the AK hand with AQT flop where villain limped from utg and you explain how to think in ranges.
    I know its different in the lower limits, but i often feel i made my opponents to fold too often when im ahead.


    where is the part 2? thanks.
  • RaisyDaisyyy


    great video, where is part 2?
    would love to see more range analysis postflop and exploiting regulars ;)

    allready watched it the second time^^

    you could turn up your voice volume a bit
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, Somnius. Here are some questions from russian community:

    33:00 Opponent has low fold to 3-bet percentage. Fold to c-bet is low as well. But we decided to bluff him cause of low WTSD. May be that u just didn't see he has AF 2/2/8 on each street? WTSD is low cause of villain likes to take pots down himself before showdown.
    So you didn't expect this opponent to shove?
  • Cornie4ever


    hey guys, im extremely busy as a business unit manager of CZ/SVK community, so I do not have much time even for playing, so the producing of part 2 seems more like long-term project :-) it seems it will be very likely a christmas present.. I know ppl like to watch more but this is how it is currently. Thanks for understanding.
  • Cornie4ever


    @56 - no, he does not shove river here very often. some reasoning:

    1) first of all please note that AF river on 260 hands is not that representative, so you should do most of the reasoning based on first layers stats VPIP, PFR, WTSD which says the player is loose/bad but weak

    2) also the line I play and explain here is done in a way that I will be the last one to shove on river :) (e.g. it would be bad to raise more on turn as he can go crazy on turn and we would have to fold). We always need to have a good gameplan at least 1-2 streets in advance
  • Zdenekbside


    Lepsi video na rush sem nevidel!Skoda ze ty plays na mem limitu asi nebudou fungovat.Exkurze do tveho mysleni proste paradni :)
    PS: mas super anglictinu krasne ti jde rozumet :)
  • Ben316


    i guess the 2nd part need more time cause of the circumstances....
  • yougotfelted51


    Cornie do you have any new projects on the horizon? I found this video very insightful and would love to see more!
  • p0wnage247


    Very Nice!