Neuropsychology of Poker - Episode 1

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Somnius presents the first episode of his new series on Neuropsychology of Poker. He will reveal the psychological factors effecting you not only by playing poker but by being a professional poker player.


Neuropsychology of Poker series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new series by somnius!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Dadosch


  • Julien


    Very Very Very good ! Nice job !
  • vidrata


    Great video! Looking forward for the rest of the series!
  • ittapiros


    Wow man, this is a nice video! Great job!
  • xomut47


    Make translate in russian please!
  • Shevtshenko


    I've been wondering: can you make bad or uninteresting videos?
  • datsmahname


    This is a very valuable topic for poker players to consider, but this video series needs lots of work.

    I studied neuroscience and psychology for 4 years during my university education, and I am not satisfied by the organization of content in this video.

    I did find some interesting comments, but I think this series has a long way to go.

    Looking forward to future videos.
  • gadget51


    OMG so many questions, so many questions! Please, rush with the next installment! Superb intro.
  • gadget51


    @8 I (amateurishly) agree. But maybe he is 'protecting' us from too much irrelevant and maybe too technical, info for now? :)
  • smokinnurse


    unfortunately in english
  • sapheal


    Somnius, great idea and notion of poker. Also, like Your ideas regarding approach to poker- and all those go along with this kind of analysis and research.

  • MaikelMF


    can you make a wallpaper out of this "bridging the gap" picture? would be great ;)
  • MaikelMF


    great obv -.-
  • akpanda


    would love to see this series also with german language!
  • noisecore


    big title says psychology, small title says physiology. I'm confused
  • MarcPS


    fantastic video. very good job.
  • luizsilveira


    Very good video but a bit slow. The same stuff could have been said in 20 min...
  • Guscode


    please release a german version...too much scientific english for an english noob like me :(...
  • Destrux


    Well...During first 15 minutes i though " Oh man, grade school biology..."...But then, at 20 minutes, right when he starts talking about emotional leakage, he used a hand example that described the exact hand and both mine and my oponents actions exactly that i played a few days ago. That kinda struck me hard...To see that someone actualy has a scientific explanation for it, it amazed me. Thanks for this video, and keep them coming ( and available to all statuses please! )
  • MaikelMF


    @20 thx :)
  • Somnius


    To quickly address some of the comments:

    I studied psychology, focusing on neuropsychology with course selection for 4 years. Really enjoy the material, which is part of the reason I approached with this series. We determined that not everyone will have the same interests, some might enjoy the physiology while others might want me to get straight to the poker relevance. Tried my best to acknowledge both possibilities. As the series progresses there is more in-depth physiology content, but also more novel application that I hope will be thought-provoking. Basically there should be something for everyone. Like most things, it's impossible to please everyone, especially since you all have different backgrounds. I just hope everyone can at least take one beneficial thing away from it when all is said and done.
  • Kosh


    der comment Somnius <3
  • DasWodka


    are the following videos going to be available for beginner status?
  • eso4


    I like first few minutes. It is so interesting that I could've read all comments being undisturbed by what he's saying :D

    Let's see it to the end :)
  • eso4


    Very good. Enjoyed!
  • koheas19


    thanks to Destrux i foud somehaw the patience to listen the vid and i gottta say..yep..good info:)
  • manokolly


  • sirilidion


    @ 23: well at least this series reminded me that it is a good idea to start exersising again. thx for that ^^. Looking forward to your next videos
  • Ratatuj



    Will be released in Russian the next week ;) And correlated articles also.
  • AdamLaw33


    Good video, i too hope the rest are for all.. thanks again..
  • MatejM47


    Next part ''Full frontal nudity'' Sounds good :)


    что хоть не перевели!
  • EricJan


    нихрена не понимаю)))
  • draihu


  • IsaacAsimov


    Very good video, but Yoga damaged my knees :(. Protect ya kness!
  • Cornie4ever


    Fantastic video, thank you, Somnius!
  • Saraphas


    Can someone help I thought it was open to all levels but it tells me I need to reach a higher level to watch it
  • axeboy90


    That doesnt look like a frog. :|

    Congrats for this serie! Its the most needed for a mindset of a winning player. :)

    Best regards,
  • 1667Paranoid


    Get your hands on the Stuff of David deAngelo. Will make you a better man.
  • antstruk


    Great video!
  • SniffvsSnaf


    I visioned myself listen to the rest of the series while doing some cleaning in my room!

    Looking very much forward to this! Great work! Keep the good stuff going Somnius!
  • themagpiespg


    Nice video, I like the idea of the physiology of how the brain works and the way it effect the psychological responses of the the brain. I am looking forward to read u r articles and watching the rest of u r videos.

    Think this will help in those spot when the fish keep sucking out lol.

  • Johniiicek


  • rogal27


    great job ! Hope somebody will translate it also for czech/slovak comunity. Very helpfull video !
  • FingersMalone


    Whilst this is an important addition to PokerStrategy's library of videos, it has a few problems.

    It reminded me of a first draft of a piece of writing - it needs editing, better organisation and a stronger sense of its audience.

    Moreover, the narration is too slow and, somewhat ironically given the content, does not postively engage.

    Given how relevant some of its ideas could be to poker players, it is a shame that the video is mediocre.

    If the scientist worked with a journalist/teacher/editor/voice over person, this would be one of the site's best collections.

    The book Freakonomics is a good example of what happens when a passionate expert meets a talented communicator. This video could benefit from the same approach.
  • chukcha000


    about that yoga thing.. for a bifferent point of view watch Penn $ Teller 's show "Bullshit!" season 2 episode 7.. :))
  • hirollin007


    "Next part ''Full frontal nudity'' Sounds good :)"

    really MatejM47??? really...

    go watch some porn and then come back and study will still be here in 2 minutes when you finish. i promise.
  • caeci


    Good content.

    Open the gates!
  • caeci


    Good content.

    Open the gates!
  • RGOD2


    Other Animals Have the Ability to time Travel !!!!!!!!! Wow and I thought I was a Mystic . Not Goal setter . Great video . Helps with My Biology studies , and The colours help segment Nicely .
  • Wanzealler


    the dropbox link doesnt work. could you load it up again?
  • tinoo


    please in german !
  • kamitis


    great video! thanks.
  • intbild


    this is pure gold!!
  • Alexandro559


    dude thank u very much this shit helps me a lot. Greez from Germany
  • Innovator


    Thank you. Very good!
  • AtrociousNightmare


    I'm so excited to begin this journey you have NO IDEA.
    This is SO helpful.
    Can't believe it! I was missing out.
  • 4KiNgH3lL


    what a nice guy!! great advice to! I'm sure 99.99% of pokerstrategy community wish you the best of luck too!!
  • RASI99


  • Merc190E


    very interesting! looking forward to watch the whole series