Neuropsychology of Poker - Part 3

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Somnius presents the third episode of his new series on Neuropsychology of Poker. He will reveal the psychological factors effecting you not only by playing poker but by being a professional poker player. The topic of the third part is Dopamine and Energy.


Neuropsychology of Poker series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the next episode of the psychology series by somnius!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • markoanton


    very informational series ty!
  • tahudi


    Best series ever man!
    cant wait for next one :)
  • clawindsouza


    great series Somnius..very informative..
    I love understanding how the brain works so that i can use it to me advantage both on and off the poker table:) ty

    PS - could you also add something on how sleep can affect us.
  • Huckebein


    @4: What do you mean with adding sth? you mean editing in the video?
  • Sasa1234


    #5 He probably means adding in next video...
  • Guthans


    Wow, this was super interesting, really, really enjoyed it!
  • pijemkosmuk


    great series...
    altough i thought caffeine increases dopamine levels in your system. you said it lowers it at around 38:00


  • tinoo


    please in german !
  • steven5656


    thanks so much for these vids. very helpfull
  • Somnius


    You're welcome. Glad to hear members are finding the info beneficial.
  • xxredstarxx


    i do really like these series. actually it is one of the best here on poker strategy because it does have tons of information about the human mind and body and how it influences our primary life. in addition i like the attitude moving away from poker and trying to learn more about how the brain acts in different kinds of situations. i must say this psychology theory is a must for everyone to see, not only for poker players.

    thank you somnius for taking your time and your work on these series.

    yours sincerely, peter ;)
  • helemaalnicks


    This is a really great series, I'm enyoing it a lot, and have already made some drastic changes to my lifestyle.
    Thanks so much for this.