$120 Omaha tourney final table

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final table Live Video

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  • docjulian


    That was so awsome, you're a god to me.
  • ThiRdEyE7


    What was that man? 25mins for 5th and only one interesting hand - the 1st hand! - which you folded pre-flop!?

    Watsup with docjulian's comment? That must be sarcasm? Which isn't very constructive man and unsuspecting people who believe the comment and don't know any better (like me) will sit through this waste of time video!

    Congrats on making it as far as you did but i think you played way too tight. You were correct on your read that the sb had aa that 1st hand but you had kkjt and suits! You were priced in to see for only 20% of your stack in a 3-4 way pot. As it turned out you would have increased your stack by 150% to $25k and a nice chip lead. Then you could have either nit folded your way into the money or opened up a little. I haven't played a great deal of omaha tourneys either but this seems like a big mistake that cost you big time.
  • TribunCaesar


    Hey ThiRdEyE7,

    thank you for you feedback. The first was definitely the key hand. If I would have called there I would have had a good chance to get further. A fold is imo still ok. This the first PLO tournament video on our side, so please don't be too rough with me. The video is not only intereristing because of my hands, but also because of the hands of the other players. If you want to discuss about the hands please do so in this thread:
  • sirilidion


    I think you played the final table allright but could play a bit better in a few spots: the KKJ10 hand was definately a call with the outs for the flush and straight possibilities. The J1066 hand was a great oppertunately to bluff against 1 opponent in position he checked the turn and most players don't slowplay there flush so you could try to represent the flush with a pot-bet. The finalhand was a bid overplayed because the possiblity that Tomgus fold is really small because he is really loose
  • Tikkari


    The overall hand analysis in my opinion was good. The first hand is of course the key hand and it´s easy to say afterwards that he should´ve called. On the other other hand he´s against obvious aces and pretty likely at least one of the callers have a big rundown hand as well so he might not have that many outs. But then again the pot odds are pretty good and would lean towards calling as well. There was not many changes where he could steal the blinds since it was usually always raised before him and the fact that the calling station was sitting next to him.
  • Galliani


    Hi there,

    I'm an italian member of pokerstrategy.

    First of all tx for the video, I agree with TribunCaesar, most of the value is to have it.

    Then hands and decisions ...

    See ya and GL.
  • delete461


    Are you sure he would have won the first hand here with a full house? I thought you could only use two of your pocket cards in Omaha
  • TribunCaesar


    Yep, you are right. I would have lost vs the shorty.
  • Ischas


    No, you had KKxx and the board came K3xx3. You would have had FH vs. Straight.
  • mouse89


  • RiverMeTimbers0


    how could you fold kkjq? its well up the starting hands list even to a reraise it just means he wants to keep drawing hands out of it and kk! its the second best starting hand.played very very timidly
  • RiverMeTimbers0


    sry kkj10 i have watched it 5 times and the second reraise is to commit himself on the flop
  • Norenen


    kolladelite.. tycker han spelar sjukt dålig omaha, pre flopp iaf.
  • voegelator


    You were not lucky this time :)
  • GENI2


    wow noch kein comment ;0
  • loudmouth


    worst video ever!!!stop uploading that trash!
  • fejes1988


    nice fold sir in the 1st hand, wp
  • dianacornelisse


    Te passief. Leer je stapjes op de prijsladder te folden :)

    Sorry your gameplay hasn't convinced me yet!
  • DOZN01


    wow folded ace 2 suited, 9 J at 3.17

    this a good hand why fold it??
  • Nosaint


    "I really never played Omaha. Just a little bit cashgame!"
    Yes I believe that too :-). But nice to see such a final table
  • theMSDS