Doing Your Own Analysis

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In his new video mbml will show you one of the most important things you need to know in order to become a better player: how to analyse your game to improve your play. He'll also demonstrate it by going into detailed analysis of some tough spots he played in a recent session.


hand history review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by mbml!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • fusionpk


    dam this is the video ive been waiting for, for a while, but its platinum :( no chance you could reconsider it's status? it's obviously going to be great for people trying to break out of 10/25nl who want to improve there game to 100nl+ limits! thanks
  • Johnnybi


    @# 2 this
  • phomnarak


    why isnt there a way to larn mor here without gtting those 50bucks? i dont need the 50 bucks but i like to learn more here. why can't i watch longer videos?
  • dainauskiene


    @4 There is no free lunch these days unfortunatelly. You've gotta play with an account tracked to PS, thus you would indirectly pay them $$$, which would allow you to reach higher status and watch the video. Good luck with that!
  • beg0r


    #4 you dont need the $50, you just have to play with a tracked account.
  • Mopenza


    so bad I cant watch it :(
  • LorD231984



    In the second example ~ 31:00 TA @ 754r board, you said he can have AT, AJ, AQ and it is 36 combo, but we have AT, so we block aces, and tens... I mean: there are 16 combos of AQ, 12 combos of AJ, and 9 combos of AT=37 rather of 48, am i wrong?:/

    In the third example, i just dont get what are you representing, AA, KK maybe shove preflop, or if call only call the flop i think, 77 dont call preflop, AK shove preflop, AT-AQ, only call flop... so dont really get, this spot (but the truth, i dont really get too much 4bet spot :(:( i am quite unexperienced in 4bet pots, but i dont get, what are you representing. The villian shove to you? or what was his action?:)

    Anyway Good video, i'd liked it very much!!! Keep up the good work!
  • mbml


    @8: Nope, there are 16 combos of AQ/AJ/AQ each. But we have one Ace and one ten. so...
    AQ: 3A X 4Q = 12
    AJ: 3A X 4J = 12
    AT: 3A X 3T = 9

    so yeah i made an error.
  • LorD231984


    ooO, fast answer, ty very much! I also made an error :( 16->12...

    And in the 3. example? Did fold the villian to the bluff raise?
  • YoungCub


    I would be great if gold could watch this. As mentioned above,it would help to fix leaks at NL10/25 and help us break higher limits. Thanks
  • Shevtshenko


    With QQ vs. a 4bet:

    So it's a fold instead of a call? Even though you're getting pot odds of 40% for a call.
  • infiK


    mbml, u can use Equilab for the calculation of combos, even with specifying the "dead cards". It'll be a lot easier :)

    P.S. Liked the video :)
  • Sattelite1


    Hi, Galvin
    How it comes for example No.2 the QQ that you exclude 100% bluffs in Villains range? I mean it depends on the view of the spot - your are isolating a fish - it is in early position but on the other hand your isolation range could be wider. Of course not super waek because your range should be ahead of the fish. i agrre with your assumption for Villains stack off range but to estimate 0% bluffrange for villain is in my eyes a little bit too pesimistic. As you said it might also be possible to flat flat e.g. JJ in this spot keep the fish in. Why the same argument could´nt be taken for AA. Isoraise/Flatcall shows also some strenghts to the other opponents, he blocks with his aces a lot of strong holdings and hey - in case of a sqeeze - i guess best scenario for him and an ugly spot for yourself.

    Anyway also a calcualtion for the optimal play in this spot would have been nice - let´s say the advantage of calling the 4bet (keeping his 99-JJ,AQ Range in) against the Push/5bet and playing the pot OOP.

    But beside that nice vid so long
  • Sattelite1


    Only one thing to improve is that you may prepare your Notepad assumptioms in advance to the video to save some time and get some more examples in one video. At all thx anyway
  • purplefizz


    amazing vid :) thanks.
  • duder1n0


    Very good one, was inspiring to me, thank you!
  • everyoneissolid


    1st hand
    why isnt T9 for a OESD in his range?
  • everyoneissolid


    2nd hand you got a Ten in your hand thus you block some T's in his range which you didnt include in your calculations
  • everyoneissolid


    i should read the other comments before i post and not while watching :D

    it was a nice typ of vid mainly because im too lazy to do that kinda if analysis on my own :D
  • IMGameOver


    Nice vid. Thx!