Neuropsychology of Poker - Part 4

  • Psychology
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In the fourth episode of Neuropsychology of Poker somnius will talk about learning and motivation.


Neuropsychology of Poker series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the next episode of the psychology series by somnius!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • MrGroggy


  • Seda16


    Your speech is terrible..
  • encani38


    Podriamos ver el video con SUBTITULOS en español ?? GRACIAS
  • Somnius


    #3 - fill in the dots in this bout of considerate constructive criticism and offer recommendations for my improvement please.
  • Alex12690


    Can you translate this video at Spanish?
  • Darkzzz


    #3 really? I think there's nothing wrong with it actually, what do you mean?
  • 2Good2Fold


    Nice video, keep going ;)
    Will you be interested by some french subtitles ?

    Many thanks ;)

    #4 ted is such an amazing website !! ( Did you see the video from Pranav Mistry about 6 sens ? )
  • split1979


    i like your videos, but it should be more short.
    20 -30m.
    and in the you should give a resume.

    thats my opion

  • draihu


    wow , ty very much , i am a fan of your videos!!!!!
  • NoOneSpcl


    #3 - His speech is perfectly fine, understandable and clear in my opinion.

    It might be that you're finding a specific problem with it which bothers you(I don't know - speed, tone, vocabulary etc.) I think it would be more helpful to note that.

    GREAT video!
  • zk0235qw


    great vids and btw i like your voice as well
  • DragonPinky


    Great video and great topic! :-)