Highstakes Review - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In his new series somnius gets into some NL1k action on roompoker. He will review an entire 2 hour session over the course of multiple videos, so you can follow the development of table dynamics and history


Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by somnius!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • abakusschwarz


    Man ist das langweilig, fand den Typ 2009 noch richtig gut, hat sich aber geändert.
    1) daddelt er random rum und macht unkluge Dinge ohne sie auszuführen
    2) Spielt NL400-1k und unterrichtet Regs auf 1k

    Wenn ein Coach eine zweistellige Anzahl an Videos produziert hat und er kein Top Spieler ist, hat er alles mitgeteilt was er drauf hat.
    Würde nicht nur die Anfangsselektion sehr hart machen, sondern z.B. die schlechtesten 25% in jedem Quartal aussortieren.
  • mbml


    Hi Somnius, I have a few questions

    10:06 - We have AJ on A84rT7, SB vs BU. We x/c F, x T and donk 25% pot on river. I definitely agree that our hand is face-up as A9-AJ a lot since there are no busted draws but should we bet bigger on a different board, let's say A8422, where he has 100% of AX hands and he would be calling almost always?
  • mbml


    16:30 - We have J9 on Q82s board and cbet, we get mincheckraised. We are 130BB deep so wouldn't that allow us to call profitably, despite the flushdraw being out there?
  • mbml


    19:24 - We have 75s in BB and UTG (SteveBustemi) opens with 2 callers behind. I do have a lot of problems with such spots OOP preflop, not sure when I should be squeezing and flatting.

    I generally squeeze more in 3way and flat more in 4-5way (due to better odds, but squeezing with broadways instead).
  • mbml


    27:06 - We flat in BB with J5s vs a 65% BU open. How many % of hands would you be defending there? I think I'm folding too much and I wish to know your opinion on how wide we should defend
  • mbml


    33:05 - We flat KQo SB vs BU and BB (SteveBustemi) squeezes, and you backraise 4bet as a bluff. IMO if I squeezed AX there I will jam there super often.

    I'm not sure how much SteveBustemi respects your game to be balanced in this spot because I would assume you will 3bet your monsters 99% of the time, given how likely it is for him to complete in BB and make it a 3way, in a tiny pot, putting you in a shitty spot.
  • DeMarcohsp


    @5 - I think he explains that SteveBustemi is going to be playing back too much of the time to make it profitable with a hand which can't be played further.Squeezing is very dependent on the expectations you think the players have for you.

    @6 - I think it is correct against mraise.

    @7 - Well he says that he will flat monsters there as well because BB is super squeeze which makes it a good play, don't get your point. KQo is just used as a bluff hand and I agree that BB is going to usually shove Ax but he is going to squeeze lots of other stuff which he would fold. It's not a problem since we stack Ax when we flat with better hands.