PLO HU with TwiceT and suitedeule - Part 5

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $400 - $500
  • Heads-up
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TwiceT and suitedeule team up to introduce you to the mysteries of Heads - up PLO. In the fifth episode they move up on the limits and TwiceT plays a session on on $2/$4


Live Video PLO HU with TwiceT and suitedeule series William Hill

Comments (13)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the next episode of the PLO HU series!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • gehtduer


    why platinum?wtf???
  • Pascal


    sorry wrong date and wrong Status :-(
    our Server is a little slow today but it will be fixed shortly
  • FiGuReiTOuTx


    i wouldnt want to be that guy after this session
  • gehtduer


    nice video, it reminded me a bit playing a guy who 3bettet 75% and cbetted like 90%. and for me, it was supertough to play because i didnt hit anything and he wasnt folding a single hand to a flopraise. then i started to go for 4bets with the top 25% of my hands and go thin for value with flopraises and it ended in a huge swinggame....... and i lost lost an lost... but i didnt quit cause i felt having a huge edge.

    why didnt you 4bet more ag his 3betting? just because u didnt have the right hands at the right time or u dont 4bet much this deep ag somebody whos 3betting so much garbage?

    because if hes 3betting so much and calling every 4bet, then we get a lot of vallue by 4betting a wider range!?
  • Gex222


    "It is like my birthday party" I LOLED xD
  • valentindouze


    AA99, I can't wait :D
  • fjedn


    schön abgemolken
  • Jan217


    @ 40:40 you say only 9J beats you when the ten hits the turn but 9T also still has you beat right? With that in mind dyu think firing the turn is still good vs. this oponent to get value from a weaker straight and clean up equity vs. flushdraws/sets/two pairs etc?

    Really awesome video, I think once I have the br for it I have to get into some PLO HU, just looks like too much fun :D

    Would you reccomend playing NL HU or PLO 6max before PLO HU btw or dyu think jumping straight into PLO HU is ok?
  • Sim87


    solid stuff :)
  • TwiceT


    @ 6: when sb 3bets way to much and plays poorly post, i dont see any reason in 4b. deeper than 300bb i start doing it with a solid range cuz its just the nuts to play deeeeeep pots ip with a solid hand range.

    @ 10: i think if u're coming from another hu game, u can jump right into plo hu. if u are 6max plr, i would also start out with plo 6max.

    however, the most importnt thing before starting plo (hu) is to rly get a professional mindset. if u have a weak mindset, u will not like this game. if u have one, u will love it
  • Ohs


    If i were you, i would be sorry for that guy.
  • GintsG


    min 40. How is a T good card for you? now you are losing to all the 96 97 98 as well as 9T and 9J?