TwiceT Goes Emirates - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $20
  • Heads-up
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TwiceT brings new his new series , directly from the Emirates. He will review some pokerstrategists play on different stakes games and tables. The first episode covers a $21 Heads-up SNG


series TwiceT Goes Emirates User Session Review

Comments (25)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first episode of TT's new series!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Tahigwa


    nice Heads up play!
  • gehtduer


    ridculous passiv and boring,
    obvs nothin TT can do
  • gehtduer


    if hero is a reg on 22$ sngs HU, i start plaing today
  • Genius91


    wow hero played very poorly imo .
    missed a ton of valuebets and the whole limping strategy against this fish is just way to passiv , because we have a sick postflop edge
  • jukitas


    omg so bad
  • Fruechte


    Link to TwiceT's blog please!
  • TurnitAce


    just a question guys. Is just me or they are not the good? The hero's opponents...cuz i play like 11$ HU and looks harder..
  • krasen84


    well i would make lots of money against players like TT`s opponents and even i would like to take a shot against TT,too... I play at pokerstars HU 5-10 euros mostly and think that players are harder to beat than this on the video...
    Maybe TT commented on such a video just to ilustrate how to play against donks...but still imo it would have been better if he had analysed on a game against tougher opponents...
  • Ricardp


    Next time just send videos you played vs decent players. Most of ppl here know how to play vs donks
  • dlrzz


    @9 it wasnt TwiceT, he was reviewing someones video...
  • dlrzz


    but yeah, poor play by both players
  • Falco35


    Hm,@4+5 I dont think he played so poorly. Okay, first match i also tought " hey, what are you doing?-Valuebet more!". But he played the second game very well imo
  • Falco35


    Would like if you take less hands and review them more detailed(gutes English!?^^)
  • TwiceT


    @ 7:

    @ 9: sure, next time i make a hu sng vid, we can play ;)

    @ 14: in this series i tried to get in many hands/vid. but ofc, for next one i can focus on fewer hands but more in depth ;)

    @ all: i think showing a vid where we make mistakes is a very good way of improving one's game. the more mistakes we make, the more we can learn.

    in one part (i think #4) im playing live vs a ps member (was recorded post emirates, cuz the original version where i made a review had some technical probs). so in this part u can even flame my game ;)
  • Tim64


    ok, guys but we can all learn from "bad" play too.
  • Nitlib


    slightly misread the board twice, but otherwise nice vid, as always! Always looking forward to your vids, any stakes, any game :)
  • iPerform


    13:33 LMFAO
    Im going to start playing $22 HU
  • PashaK


    13:25 LOL
  • kidzoltan


    very bad play, but very intresting video, yhanks
  • xXShinryuuXx


    Hilarious vid. "Bet big bet big, no, no, bet big! Oh, he checks". I could just feel the frustration (I don't know why it's so painful to see someone else make mistakes...).

    I don't think hero played that bad. I actually think that limping is very effective against this type of donk exactly because you have such a big postflop edge. Why get money in preflop when you can get it in postflop as he's liable to get his stack in with marginal hands or even pure air?

    Unfortunately hero does miss some clear value spots (especially the 66 and QT hands are atrocious) but I can understand these lines against a villain that is capable of betting 200 into a 60 pot and 10xing preflop.
  • MigoTheDragon


    Thanks a lot for the video, TwiceT! I really liked to see where you feel comfortable with the betting procedure and where not. I think it's a shame that some people kind of insult the player's game with their comments -> respect that the players in the video like to improve and that they allow to publizise their game to our society. Maybe you can do some Heads-up-videos for beginers where you give some details how to work out the opponent's hand ranges and styles and how to best exploit the flaws in their game? Would be great!
  • Falco35


    Yeah, you saw it right TT! He raised Q5 4th Pair on the River^^
  • tiego69


    what da point to have so much stats and not use the basic obvious ones to take value from such a station?
  • lenzelot


    at least he is balancing his bluffs